30 November 2010

Peek A Boo

The lazy WiiWii. Thanks Oppa for the iPhone4. Love you always :D


Cousins Day Out


Karaoke Night

He's singing a song for me  :D

Main subject is Faiz. The 2 co-subjects are busy singing Apo Kono Eh Jang. The song is truly awesome for karaoke session! Lol.

They get a lil bit too high singing Cari Jodoh. 

Happy Birthday Nadia. Hope you had a blast time with us. xoxo ~


25 November 2010

Nadia's Birthday

1. The present

2. A simple sayings (excuse my kiddo hand writing. i cant write cursive. seriously)

3. Put it nicely on her bed. It is a surprise. She will discover when she got home from work :)


24 November 2010

Eat & Eat

Wong Solo's Nasi Ayam Penyet is the ultimate disaster to my non-carbo diet. It might just look like a simple rice dish, but seriously it is a must try. The chicken is tender, and the sambal may look a lil bit mild, but it is super spicy. Fully recommended to those who love Asian hot, spicy and dry dish.


22 November 2010

Lanvin For H&M

It’s all about LANVIN H&M until the collection launches on Saturday, November 20th. The collections, simply irresistible!


Friends Forever

A gift from a friend, best-friend I shall say.  Thanks Nurul Nadia. 13 years of friendship. I love you always. We grow up together and we know each other inside out. Great to have a person that I call best-friend like you :D.


16 November 2010

Eid ul Adha

Be safe & Happy Holidays!


Pixie Cut

Hair revamp! I simply love her new look. And somehow, I wanna have a hair cut too. Being too long with this longgggg hair. But still I have no guts to cut it short! Wanna see details pictures, click here.


Out & About

Nicely captured. Thanks Mr. Bear :D

Pineapple flava! I heard peach has better taste. Will try it soon!

Milky mouth! Thanks Mr.Bear for the instance snap!

That explained all.

His current obsession. And this picture explains why must 'Bear' he's being called? The answer is because he is big and hairy.. and wait, he's cute too! Hee :D


Croissant Monster

Now you see, Now you don't!
Ignore my silly face, being a lil too excited over something. I am digging some effing time for me to update my blog, unfortunately i couldn't find any. Shit! To kill this desperate mood, i give you this silly face of mine. I hope that I could get a lil tiny time to post something new today. In the meantime, work smart peeps! :D


12 November 2010

Take Five

Hi There! Such a busy week. I didn't get a chance to get my blog done. Well, as you see, it is all up - the header, sidebar banners and all. But I kinda dislike the look and the feel. Too much yellowish I think. I just want to tone down a little bit the colors on the sidebar banners. Too crampy and striking. Want to get things done with too lil time, sigh!

Silly me! Lol. I just can't pull myself after long hour of work. So this is what I did. Oh yeah, I love my new ring. Excuse my nude face, feeling so lazy to dress up and make up today. Till then, have a good weekend peeps. Takecare and drive safe :D


10 November 2010

Under Construction

I am revamping my blog. I think that I need fresh new layout this time around. It is still under construction. Therefore you may experience a little of mess here and there. TeeHee :D


08 November 2010

I Love H&M

When can we have H&M outlets in Malaysia? H&M is a must have brand for all the crazy shoppers in Malaysia. Hee :D  and personally H&M is one of my top favorite brand.

H&M Collections. Screammmm!!!! :D

Uniqlo's In Town

Yes, we have another foreign brand coming in. This time around it is from Japan. Uniqlo.
Where? It is in Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang (Formerly known as KL Plaza). I haven't get any chance to check what's hot in the shop yet, but for sure I will dig some spare time to go there. It is a must go! :D

04 November 2010

The Jumper Jerk

Yes baby! It is all up and running. Do support us. To the followers a bunch of thanks.


02 November 2010

Flower Girl

Getting the energy booster :D Choc Milk Tea with double scoop of pearl. Yummy!

The Grinch :p

Loving these clothes. The top that I wore, I just bought it from Sg Wang Plaza. It doesn't cost me a lot of money, yet it is still pretty and cute! Worth a penny!

Monster fish at The Mines. They eat anything. And that is include plastic bag & drink cans. Erk!


01 November 2010

The Jerks' Beat

Special thanks to Mr.Bear for non stopping snaps! Heart!