30 September 2010

Back To Work

Not feeling that good for the past 2 weeks. Feverish, cough, flu... Durh! Today's lesson: Do not take any medicine when you are still at work! If not, you will end up doing nothing because you are too high to do something. Erghhh!

27 September 2010

Baju Kurung Johor

Me : How do I look, Oppa?
Mr.Bf : Cantik... Macam nenek muda...
Me : Huh??
Mr.Bf : Err... macam Cikgu Rosnah...
Me : Huh???

 Inspired by my late grandmother, I've decided to tailor-made this Baju Kurung Johor. She used to wear Baju Kurung like this - Kain Batik matched with a piece of Kurung top made of cotton. Plus I still remember how my grandmom did her hair bun. It is a must for her to have that kind of hair do. Oh sungguh klasik! Oh yeah, I wore this for my Boyfie's friend's reception :D 
p/s : I am addicted with my super hot chillie lipstick now!

 My hair-bun, inspired by my late grandmother's!

Congrats to Intan & Taufaq!

22 September 2010

Be Happy

Today's lesson : What ever will be, will be. So don't worry too much. Because there's always be a way in every lost journey. Be happy, peeps! Lots of love, Misschqa Mustafa :D

19 September 2010

Gincu Merah!

Still in Raya mood. This time around we went to Udin's place for Rumah Terbuka session. Thanks Udin! The Ayam Madu was superb! These are some of the momentos captured!

Wearing Hot Chillie Lipstic. I am looking a liltle bit awkward. Erkkk!

Awkward but I like. Me looking a bit different :D

Jehan & Farhan

17 September 2010

Feed My Hunger

Current Mood :

" I want to shop. A lot!! "

My Mom's Kebaya

Love the Prints!

Believe it or not the kebaya that I wore is my mom's. My mom told me that the kebaya was given by my great grandmom as a gift to her, when the great grandmom returned from Indonesia. Ahh, forgot to tell ya, my great grandmom was originally from Siak, Indonesia :D So that's exactly how my mom look when she was young. And surprisingly, I can fit the kebaya, even the kain is a bit labuh for me, but I am trying my best to make sure that it looks good on me. I'm wearing  this during my visit to my besties place, Rafidah as she was holding Rumah Terbuka for Hari Raya :D

Moment Captured. Four of us.
Farhan, Jehan, Rafidah & Juffrizal

I Love You, Mom!

Had a conversation with my mom just now. And I was so touched when she said this to me.. I love you, mom. With all my heart :)  May Allah be with us. May Allah bless our family. Amin.

" I know that you are strong.
You have a strong heart, dear. "

15 September 2010

13 September 2010


12th September 2010

The most remarkable date in my whole life. A date that tells me a story about disengagement, disturbance, fight, scrimmage, frustration, falseness & deception. It really hits me & knocks me down. For what ever reason that this thing hapened, I do believe that Allah only gives His test to people that He loves. Somehow, I pray for His bright lights to shine again in our family. May Allah has His mercy for us. May Allah hear my pray, see my tears and respond favorably. Amin. :)

Aidilfitri 2010

Pagi Raya di Johor Bahru


Raya kedua di Negeri Sembilan, Pekan Gemencheh.

12 September 2010

Baby Ketupat

Every year, this baby ketupat is specifically made for me because I only eat this mini ketupat instead of the big ones. Thanks to my dearie uncle for making this for me! :D Ignore the mess of the background, malam raya, dapur rumah tok saya tengah bersepah dgn preparation untuk juadah raya esoknya! Hee :D

Dam Dam Dum

These are some of the pictures taken during Raya Eve. This is our annual activity before celebrating Hari Raya. Upacara bakar duet :p Almost RM200 spent to buy those firecrackers. Gila kan? Hahahahah We really had fun that night! Happy Raya to all! Yay!

Don't try this at home :p

07 September 2010

Eid Mubarak

Misschqa Mustafa wishing all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin.
Have fun & be blessed during this festive month of Syawal. Cheers! :D

06 September 2010

Ramadhan Stories

Obviously, I didn't post a lot during the month of Ramadhan. Yeah, maybe because Ramadhan is still here so i guess it is better for me to keep my update less. Sometimes, the lesser the better :D Today is the 27th day of fasting which means that we have another 3 days with Ramadhan, the month full of blessings. To all Muslims, I wish you people a Happy Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir & Batin (in advance) :p

This year of Ramadhan I didn't get a lot of chance to hang out with the friends. My weekends were filled with balik-JB sessions and having a normal routine. In other words it was a boring & busy lahh kann.. But yesterday I did planned something, iftar with the friends. And I guess it was a so-call closing ceremony la before me and all my friends going back to hometowns. At first the lokasi bebuka was supposed to be at Restoran Baser at Puchong, but due to unforeseen circumstances :p lokasi ditukar di Coffee Village, Putrajaya. The food was ok la, and i love the Mee Goreng that Oppa had. Sedap! What really matter to me is that I've got the chance to spend my sweet time with the friends. That's what matters to me! And thanks guys for make it happened! Hugs!

Jam baru Miss Nena. Oh yes, sesungguhnya saya jeles! hahahaaha

Spot my new bag?? Heee :D Thanks Oppa Cayang!

Nana, Nena, Me & Fiqa

02 September 2010

Merdeka Merdeka!

Yeah, yeah I know it's 2 days late. But it's better late then never. I made this video last year. And this was my first attempt using Motion software. It looks a bit stiff. Time ni tgh terkial2 lagi pakai Motion okay :p Hahahah. and I used my own collection of photographs. They are all my cousins. Hee :D Happy Merdeka, Malaysians.  1 Malaysia!

*Sorry for the low-res, this video is originally in MPEG, I converted it to FLV :(


Dear Mr. Bloggy, sorry for abandoning you for quite a long time. Been very busy for the past few days. Eid Mubarak is just around the corner, so as usual these were my annual activities with the family since last Friday.

Friday 270810
I was in JB. So these were things happened during my pre-balik kampung session. Cleaned up the house. The most tiring one. Upstairs & downstairs. Sumpah penat gile! 72 kilos of junk being sold to the Cina Karung Guni. Hahahahah. You gotta believe me. This is real! Then, followed my mom to the market, groceries shopping for iftar. After that, being an unqualified sous chef for my mom :p
She prepared quite a lot for berbuka, and that's included masak lomak cili api ayam kampung! Yummy!

Saturday 280810
Cleaned up the house again. Again?? Yup, as I said this is a massive cleaning up, which only happens once a year. This is different from everyday clean-up, this is a huge one! Lol! :p

Sunday 290810
Half of the day spent on the journey back to KL. Had an Iftar at Pelita SS15 with Oppa and friends.

Monday 300810
Still on leave, decided to spend time at home since the family will arrive from JB at night. Cleaned up my house. Again?? Hahahaha, my Kajang's house lah... The house needs to be in perfect condition for my parent to check in. :p Iftar at Alamanda with Oppa and friends. Then having late night supper with the family at JM Beriani, Bangi as the family arrived. :D

Tuesday 310810
Shopping time! Hari Raya shopping with the family. We went to Sogo, Jln TAR, and Midvalley. There was a flood of people especially in Sogo. Memang gile! Ramai gile manusia sampai rasa nak muntah!