27 May 2010

I'm feeling Blue

I need a time off. Oppa, drive me to our own world, will you??

and so I did this too. Be +ve at all time!

26 May 2010

I Heart Shades

Add one cool shades and you are ready to go! In fact shades can make you look fab even when you are not in the mood of dressing up. A pair of jeans and baby T may look boring for the day, but wait, just put on an oversize shades, and now you are as posh as victoria beckham! See me below ;p


25 May 2010

London Oh! London

Oh hell yes I wanna go again to this place! I miss this place so so so mucho and I do really really hope that I could come back again. Some of the atmosphere that I could captured while I was there (back then in 2007). Pssttt: This is my first attempt using DSLR camera... and.. oh yea, I do photography too :D

my workstation

LoL me! waiting for the train before go to the office

oh yes, I captured and did some editing

Walthamstow Central, London

Underground Tube Station in London

830am in the morning with -1 degree

Colleagues - Hasri & Faiz. It is freaking cold!

No caption needed =)

Misschqa in London

Obviously, I am loving the boots, the jacket, the scarf, the hat... everything!! Oh Bobo, pleaaase take me to London for our honeymoon, yeah! heee :D hey wait, as you can see, I do fashion too.. I mean I love fashion as much as I love chocolates! Wait for my time to time update post. I can share my fashion sense with all of you :D

My Alejandro

Alejandro - A Greek name that has a meaning of DEFENDER. This name shares the same meaning in Spanish society. Alejandro is derived from the Alexander name. So basically, Alexander is called Alejandro is Spanish and Greek.

Since the name of Alejandro has a strong meaning, so I guess this is the strong reason for me to introduce My Alejandro to all of you :D He is my Alejandro, My Greatest Defender, and My Greatest Alexander!

But his name is not Alejandro or Alexander, ok.. This is Farhan Jabbar. But I call him Oppa (korean word that refers to lover or brother). But somehow now I love to call him Bobo. Want to know why?? Wait for the next pict ok ;p
This is why I call him Bobo. Bobo - BOtak BOy ;p
p/s: I am loving the new single of Lady Gaga - Alejandro =)

24 May 2010

Wish List

 I am praying for good thing, prosperous and flourishing life. May ALLAH has His bless and love on me. Amin.

21 May 2010

This is Misschqa

Let's start with this picture first. This is me. Misschqa Mustafa. That's not my real name, but I prefer to use Misschqa Mustafa as myself in my blog. I am not a rockafella (even practically this picture tells so). I am Misschqa Mustafa who loves everything and enjoy everything.  I guess by cherishing every bit of life means that you are living your life to the fullest. That's theoretically about me.

Faces of Misschqa
I think this is the best picture to describe me ( how colorful and vibrant can I be :p ). and.. Oh yes, I am a fan of camera! Hee : D

1. Erkkk...
2. Slurpeee....
3. Ngee....
4. Whaddup?
5. Kisss...
6. Ouchhh!
7. Hemmmm.
8. Think!
9. Blahhh!
10. Gotchhhaa!
11. Whateverrr!
12. Euwwwww!
13. Vain!
14. Smile
15. Sshhhhhh
16. Opppsss!
17. -_-