28 August 2012

Raya Outfit Post - Day 3

3rd of Syawal, we went to Negeri Sembilan to visit my dad's relatives. Had my caftan top paired with my electric blue long skirt, and a must wear, my treasure box handbag :)

The one that brings me to life. In fact, she always does and never fails. I love you, mom :)

The one that raises me up whenever I fall. The one that always protects me against rain or shine :)


Raya Outfit Post - Day 2

This is what I wore on the 2nd of Hari Raya. This time, I chose to wear this classic Kurung Pahang which I bought  from Cotton Picking. Yes, I know that Cotton Picking only offer Baju Kurung for kids. But, I went to the shop, tried one of the Kurung Pahang that meant for an 8 year-old girl, and hey, it looked good on me! And I simply bought it! Savvy? :)

'Cikgu Rokiah' hubby called me :)

See, I no kidding :p

Loving its classic cut and its classic prints

It's a treasure. It's a box. No, it's my Raya Handbag! :D

So much in love with this unique find!

The brooches, it's a gift from my mom :)


Raya Outfit Post - Day 1

Hi dearies! I celebrated my first Syawal with my husband's family in Pontian, Johor. It was my first Raya with hubby's family and it was real good having my good time on Raya with the new family member. Even though I got a lil bit sad at first for being apart from my family on the first Syawal, but this is the fact that I have to face. After I got married, I realised that some part of my life can no longer be like before. It has to change. Changes may affect you for a little while, but you will get use to it after some times.

Talking about Raya, I guess this year is the year where I beraya sakan the most! Obviously I have 2 families now, and that is the reason why this year I had the blast Raya of all!

On the morning of first Syawal 1433. Our first Syawal as a husband and wife :)

I decided to wear this modern kurung on the first Raya. It was tailor-made by MIL's tailor in Pontian. So far, it fits me well.

Brothers & sisters

His cousin's son. Such a cute little baby :D

A shot before we leave the house to visit Mom's relatives in Gelang Patah, Johor :)


21 August 2012

Eid Mubarak

As we are human, we tend to do sins. For everyone is imperfect, we definitely hurt each other by our harsh words and wrong doings. For any harms that I've made, regardless through words or actions that had caused any of your heart hurt deeply or mildly, I apologize for that. Salam Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir Batin. Eat safe, drive safe and be safe on this festive season :)

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Balik Kampung

Balik kampung. Oooo Balik kampung. Hati girangggg! :) What I wore during my trip going back to my home town for hari raya. I bought this striking tri-color tie dye pants at Krabi and I just love its shocking-scream colours! Woots!


20 August 2012

Pre Syawal

Random things captured via my lens before Raya.

Friday, right before we went back to JB, I got to make sure that my house in Kajang was all set for Raya. Just a lil bit of cleaning and arranging the furniture :)

Organising and filtering what to pack. It aint that easy. Am I right?

Bought this beauty piece from The Poplook, sadly, it is too big for me. To make me happy, I decided to give this to my mom as a Raya gift.

Back at home in JB, it is just like an annual practice where mom will let 3 of us do the cleaning and deco for the house. Just a simple arrangement, nothing less, nothing more.

It's Raya eve! As usual we will be having our final berbuka at my late grandparents house in Majidee. And it's like all other previous years, 'Pesta Bakar Mercun' is a must for us! :)

Happy faces of the cousins. It is Raya! :D


18 August 2012

Ramadhan Get Together

Hello! Currently I'm in JB. My hubby and I arrived home yesterday and at the moment just finished cleaning the house for Hari Raya. Yeah, tomorrow is Raya! How time flies so fast. I just thought that we only started our first day of fasting, and now we are counting a few hour left before the first of Syawal comes. I will be spending my first Raya with hubby's family this year. It is a new experience, first Hari Raya as a wife and first Hari Raya with my new family. I am all excited. For this entry, I will be posting about me and my dear friends get together on Ramadhan. Since each and everyone of us now is married, we hardly get a spare time to holla and jolly. This time, everybody managed to spare some time, and here we are, berbuka together at Bayou Coffee House, Cyberjaya :)

Of all the lamb that I had during this Ramadhan, so far, this is the best. Stuffed roasted lamb. The bomb!

Hubby & friends were so eager to go for a Go-Kart. The the wives had to layankan. :D


12 August 2012

Denim & Leopard

A quick mix & match for iftar on Friday. Undone hair and a thin make-up.