31 July 2012

By The Lakeside

Sunday evening. An evening walk with Mr.Boyfie (I just love addressing him Boyfie). And to kill the time before the Iftar. How's your Ramadhan so far? As for me, it's just so great having my first Ramadhan as a wife :)


20 July 2012

Ziggy Zaggy

It is  end of working day. I'm currently blogging while waiting for hubster to pick me up at the office. And we have a few hours left before Ramadhan. Have a blessed Ramadhan dear Muslims!


18 July 2012

Neon Bright

Had shop-a-lot day out with my cousin Rifhan. And I shall say it was madness! But, I am happy since me and Rifhan share a lot of thing in common :) I want to share some pictures of the day. As usual, there's a lot of pictures of the day for me to hand-pick, and I hope by sharing these, you will get inspired. Let's inspire each other! :)

Wore this funky neon baby during the outing.

The vain pout

What she wore.

Oh the skirt is really nice. Bought it!


12 July 2012

Work It

What I Wore to work.

Loving my new studded ring

Being a lil vain this month. And this is my fifth purchase of shoes for this month of July. Too much? 


06 July 2012

Krabi This & That

Hey guys. Still talking about Krabi, yeah yeah, I have a lot of pictures to share. 6 days stay, sure I got a lot, I really mean a lot of snapping pictures. But I promise, this gonna be my last post about Krabi. I know it's a bit too late to blog about my honeymoon trip, but it's better late than never. Anyway, happy Friday! Spend your weekend wisely guys! 

Go-home time. See our sad face.