31 October 2012

An Evening Sunset

Spent my weekend at my hometown for Eid, and had these photos taken during my evening walk with hubby.  

Bought this H&M Aztec cap for Mr.Hubs, and guess what? It fits perfectly on me too. 

Beautiful sunset scene. Taken in Pontian, Johor.


29 October 2012

Chili Red

On another occasion, I had the same stripes H&M top paired with my chili red tapered pants.

Snacking at The Loaf. Having my favourite Cranberry Cheese Bun. 1 will never be enough so I took 3 instead. Love love!

My 'Happy Tonic'.

When it comes to breads & buns, The Loaf is my perfect choice.


28 October 2012

Floral Pants

Current favourite pants

I'd been asked to share the brands name / shops on items that I wore. For this ensembles, as below.

Sunglasses : Oakley Jupiter LX
Tops : H&M
Necklace : H&M
Clutch : Vicnity
Watch : Michael Kors
Pants : 6th Sense
Ring : Flea Market
Shoes : Sg Wang Plaza


17 October 2012

Before I Go to Bed

Random thoughts. Random ideas. Good night everyone. Yes, it's Wednesday and we are already in the middle of the week. Yay!

All blacks and a surprise element of shocking pink. Love!

Some of my collection. 


My artwork. Gonna frame this, it is good enough for our living room.

Highly in love with my new curtains!

Cousin Rifhan in Andy Warhol style.

I'm a gold addict!


15 October 2012

Random Outfits Update

Wore my little black dress as Kurung top. Wedding and Ikea trip for the day.

Lazy Sunday. Taken during the time when me and hubs were busy upgrading the house, we paid our visit to hardware/DIY shops almost every weekend, nope, sometimes it was almost everyday :p

It was a quick one. Shopped for certain things at One Utama with my family.

Another lazy outfit on Saturday morning.

Loving this effortless shot. Thank you, love!

Sometimes, I do color blocking for my office attire. Working in bank limits me from going extra 'playful' in terms of wearing. It's totally different when I was in advertising agency where I could be peppy and upbeat


14 October 2012

Test Test

It is time to test my artsy wall. And so far, it did not disappoint me. It was a happy thing seeing my creation turned up to be kinda cool. Don't cha think so? :p

Me and my creation! 

Let me introduce you to my new rockstar baby :)

Indoor photograph session seemed not enough, so I asked hubby to take me out so I could happily play  with the camera.


Artsy Wall

On the previous post, I've told you guys that me & hubs were moving to a new house. We have been staying at our new home for nearly a month and there are still a lot of un-packings, cleaning, clearing and decorating that need to be done. Talking about painting the house, up to this date, we (yes, me & hubs) have successfully painted the whole house, that includes living room, kitchen and the 3 rooms. Being too inspired by all the DIY sites on the internet.  I managed to create my own Wall of Fame. Errr, I don't really sure if it is suitable to be called Wall of Fame, perhaps Artsy Wall sounds better. Actually, when I first created it, it is meant to be the backdrop for my photographs session. Teehee :D So here it is.

The process. 

Ready to roll out! Spot the initials F and J ?It means Farhan & Jehan :D Love!


09 October 2012

Hakuna Matata

Hello. I can't blog longer because I am too tired. Just got back from work and suddenly I felt that I have left my blog unwritten for quite sometime. So this is a quick one, what I wore on weekend, out for shopping with my dear family.

Galaxy Vs Tribal

Super love this tribal prints!

New baby and she's giving me so much love! :)

Till then, good night, peeps!