30 May 2012

Me & Hubs

Life is amazing. And I am so thankful for what I have now. 

I just want to let you know that I miss dressing up and taking pictures so much! While Nena & Gombak were busy with their outdoor wedding photoshoot, I asked hubs to help me out with the snappings. So, here you go :)


29 May 2012


Hey hey hey! Yes, yes, I know I've been missing for so long. I guess, the best caption to describe me at the moment is "macam biskut, kejap ada, kejap takda" You know, things been overlapping since before I got married. From the wedding preparation, until I gotta start my first day at a new work place just 1 day after I got hitched. See, me & hubs didn't even got a niche time even for a shortest getaway for our honeymoon. Sad. Ever since I got myself work at this new office which is in KL, (yes, I have to travel from Kajang to KL everyday!) 24 hours a day seems not enough. Working in KL is always tiring and hectic, while in the other part, when I got home, there will be another chores and things that I have to look after. So far, I am doing good. Frankly speaking, it is tiring, but remember, you always gotta love what you do. Love what you do, then there will be no issues :) I know that I've already made my word of posting out my wedding pictures, the good news is I've already got the CD from one of my photographer. Yay!! which means that I will be posting them out soon. Soon peeps! In the mean time, now I will be putting up photos during the wedding of Nena & Gombak . Yes, they finally did it! The good thing about 2012 is, everybody is now hitched! *Drum roll* :)

Congratulations to both of you! 


07 May 2012


Hello, Lovelies! After quite sometime I've stayed out from blogging, for some particular reason obviously :) , it sure does feel good to be back again. Staying out from it has made me feel quite lost actually on how to start blogging again since there is a lot for me to say and to post. The first thing of all and importantly the foremost, I am married! Happily married to a man that I've already known & loved for 10 years and still counting. Alhamdulillah. Everything went very well. Hip hip hoorayyyyyyy :D

Well peeps, here is the part where I don't know which I have to write first. The pre-wed, means the remaining days before the Aqad or The Wedding, the beautiful moments that I've discovered it as the magic moment in my life or the post-wed period, means how exactly my life has changed after holding a wifey status. Loads to share and loads to tell actually. One thing for sure when people keep asking me 'hows your life now?', only 2 words that I usually replied. Indescribably awesome!

Okay let's start with the remaining days before I get to hold the status as a wife to Farhan. It is so true that everyone told me, wedding is so freaking tiring. Yes, I really have to warn those brides-to-be, spare your energy enough. I mean really enough, mentally and physically. Enough physical energy for you to work on the pre-wedding chores and highly set positive mind for you to absorb and accept all those unexpected matters and circumstances. 

As in my case, even though I got myself a wedding planner, but still the in-house works had tortured me a lot. Plus the unstable emotion & feeling somehow affected the physical behavior of me. I lost 3-4 kilos 2-3 days before the big day and that caused me to do 2 times fitting for my wedding dress. Still, on the morning of the Majlis Sanding itself, when I put on the dress, there was still a huge space of the dress on my body. Can you imagine that? After 2 times of alteration, the dress still loose on me on the day itself. Means my body keep losing its weight throughout the big day until the stylist had to use the safety pin at the back of the dress to make the dress looks fit in me. Quite a sigh actually because the dress was designed solely for me, and it upset me somehow seeing myself couldn't fit perfectly in the dress that was meant for me. But I told myself not to worry about it since that was it. That was the time where I shouldn't be worry about anything, anymore. 

I had however taken a few shots before the Aqad day. Will be updating you guys with the pictures of the 3 majlis; Solemnization, Majlis Malam Berinai and Majlis Bersanding at both sides. Stay tune, Lovelies :)

Outfit shots. Taken during lunch time and pass-the-invitecard session with some fellow friends at Village Park restaurant, Uptown Damansara. Seriously, I miss dressing up & taking a snap.

The wedding planner didn't cater the wedding favors for the guests. Hence, this was the tiring part of all. 1000 pieces need to be packed. 

Me & him always wish to have this kind of songket for his sampin during the solemnization. Never thought that this kind of Songket would be so pricey, but then again the urge of buying and wanting this finally has gotten into him. We picked the most affordable one and reliable to our budget. Total loss for this around RM1K ++ *crying* 

I didn't know that this part would be so exhausting. Imagine me with this henna, couldn't move around freely and only sat back for hours in order for it to dry. For optimum and extra bright result, I was asked to put on this henna for 4 times! Darn.

This was taken a few hours before the Aqad soiree. At this time, I was feeling all nervous, freaked out. And for your information, I made up and did my own pengantin room with a simple and sleek white theme. 

And this is the whole presentation of my dais for solemnization and hantarans. All are beautifully done by Nizam Zary Wedding Artistic.

I think that's all for now. Like I said, please wait for my next entry for more pictures and write-ups on the Majlis. Takecare and have a good days ahead! xoxo!