29 October 2013

Out Like a Light

So many things to do yet so little time. Anyone faces the same issue? All superwomen out there, do you girls feel me? Have you guys ever felt so tired that as soon as your head hit the pillow you out like a light? Have you ever felt so exhausted till you have to stop in the middle of walking just to catch your own breath? Have you ever felt so fagged till you couldn't notice that people were actually talking to you? Have you ever felt so tired till you chose to stay quiet in a group of discussion? Have you ever felt so overworked that stop and rest wouldn't do anything good, and you just continue to work and work and work? Have you ever felt so exhausted and broken down that you continue to say I am okay and I am strong but the truth is you are actually not?.....

... Have you ever lied to yourself?

I don't mean to brag nor to whine. But, a little thoughts in the heart need to be heard sometimes. Every now and then, I wish that I had a power & strength like a man so that I can work twice as hard without having to upset and disappoint many people. The truth is I am sad of myself now.
But, wait!

A little thing that makes me happy. Received this Celine inspired studded bag a couple of minutes ago and I was sooooo soooo excited about it! (Can't wait to rock it!) Thank you hubby!


17 October 2013

Terengganu Travel Log

It was 2 weeks back when I accompanied hubby for his weekend duty at Terengganu. I was sooo sooo glad that I could follow him because most of the time, he would be away on weekdays, but not this time that he had to work on weekends, hence I volunteered myself to follow, hehe.. not only I got a chance to accompany him but this would be a weekend escape and a quick holiday for both of us :D

I love Terengganu because it's a quiet suburban with beautiful beaches and calm environment. And Terengganu has variety of delicious food with cheaper price compared to KL.

My favourite picture of him. As a wife, I think it's a huge pleasure for me when I had a chance to send him off to work :') And this is the moment I guess. Only God knows how much I love to see him in the suit. And only God knows how grateful I am to have him in my life. 

Makan time at seafood eatery in Marang. Look at those huge squids!

From raw to roarrrrrr! Look at that. Sotong celup tepung yawww.

Sata! Honestly, I used to ignore this food until hubby asked me to try and I was like jaw-droppin' yawww! Sedap!

Fish crackers! Keropok ikangggg!


09 October 2013

Misschqa on Sunday

A simple way to walk the day. I chose a pretty plain top and a pair of skinny jeans to hang out on Sunday evening. When it comes to dressing up on weekends, I prefer to be casual, or the best 'me' word to describe casual is lazy. Haha :p

Top from H&M. Jeans from Mango. Bag from ASOS. Mary Jane shoes from Clarks.


08 October 2013

Cray Cray

MCM bags are up now on Reebonz! Only hubby knows how much that I love MCM, but he always tried to pull me back each time I fly too high dreaming about MCM, "Babe, not everything that we like we can get..." True hubby. But for now, let me just feast me eyes and be happy :D

I got a few friends from Instagram asking me where to buy MCM in Malaysia, as far as I know, there is no specific place or retail to buy MCM here, some said that KLIA might have it in their duty free shops but I cannot reassure that, but for now you can simply shop your MCM from Reebonz! Even though Reebonz only have a few to offer, tapi jadi laa kann dari takde langsung :p Yayy!

Oh, my wish list!

Too cute to handle!


04 October 2013

Singapore Photo Journal

Last week on Thursday I flew to Singapore for work purposes. To tell you the truth, even though I am a Johorean and was raised in Johor Bahru, this is my 4th time going to Singapore after like 20 years! Hahahahah. Boooo! When I told this to my colleagues, they were like "Are you serioussss?" Yes guys, I am serious :p

Below are some of the photos that I managed to capture. Due to tight schedule of work, I didn't have so much time to go out and check around the city. But I did manage to go to some hot spots like Orchard Road, Bugis Street and Little India. 

I was so lucky when the hotel upgraded our room to VIP suit and had a chance to enjoy our VIP meal at 38th floor, Pan Pacific Hotel. And the view was really awesome!

Vintage shop at Bugis Street

Chunky and colorful necklace only for 2 dollars. Crazy!


03 October 2013