20 March 2012

A Weekend Dash

It was a hectic weekend when we had to travel up and down the road to be at 2 different places on the same day. The first half of the day was segmented on attending Nana & Udin reception which was held in Pekan Nenas, Johor. Congratulations to the love birds!

Then for the second half of the day, we had to travel up to Sepang in order to make ourselves available for the Future Music Festival Asia.

It was a crazy thing to do, but again it was fun actually. The funny part about it was, clearly I am not a big fan of music, yes, I do listen to music but I am not the one that so into this current and hyped music that can recognize each one of the performer on the stage. Plus, I am not a party goer, hence, I don't keep track on  this kind of thing and elements. But then again, there is no harm of discovering new thing. Me and Farhan decided to be part of the event and enjoy the time while we still have a chance. In fact, it's been years (I mean yearssssssssss) since we had a chance to be part in this kind of event. Here are some pictures of the day. Have a good day ahead, guys!

Selamat Pengantin Baru. The lovebirds in white suits.


Future Music Festival Asia 2012, Sepang International Circuit.

Sneaky Sound System. 

 The Wombats!

What I Wore. My DIY bracelets! :D

The pictures were captured and edited via my iPhone.


16 March 2012

High School Girl

Happy Friday, peeps! This is a shot from yesterday's outfit. Thanks to the weather for being co-operative with my wearings. Wore my wooly jumper on a cold Thursday, and pardon me for being a bit messed up after a long day at work. Do I look like a high school girl? Yay or nay? :p 

Being so inspired with these blog, (A Pair & A Spare, PS:I Made it) I quickly asked Farhan to accompany me to stock some materials for my DIY projects. Maybe I am so into this DIY thingy lately, and that makes me dig a bunch of DIY sites on the internet. Let's see what I have come out with :)

It is a bracelet! Will come up with more DIY stuff! So excited, I am! :D


15 March 2012

Tribal Pants

Hi there! I have this kind of feeling which I will miss my blog so much whenever I keep it idle without any post. That yearning emotion which you'd do what ever it takes for you to blog. For me, it is a simple fix. You simply got to love what you do. It is just like a love relationship, when you love someone, you will get to miss him/her each time both of you are apart. And yes, same goes with me and my blog. 

Talking about love relationship, well yeah, I simply have around 41 days before my wedding. For all this while, I have been keeping it in a mute mode, not because I am not looking forward for the big day, it is just a simple fundamental which, the time is yet to come, and when it comes, everybody will know. Talking about the wedding, it will always make my blood running faster than usual, while my heart will beep faster than normal, and there  goes the butterflies inside my stomach. That is why I rather keep it low, again, not because I am not happy for it, I am just avoiding myself from feeling tensed and nervous thinking of it. As for me, it is a bunch of feelings, wrapped nicely in my heart. Happy, glad, nervous, scared, I just can't describe it.

I am hoping that everything will run smoothly. InsyaAllah. Up to this date, all of the preparations are on the track. Did I tell you guys that I designed my own invitation card? And yeah, the cards are ready now to be distributed to all of my invitees. Will keep you guys updated with the look of the card. Stay tune, lovelies. And remember, love what you do, do what you love :) Before I leave, these are some of my overdue outfit shots taken before I went to watch a movie. Cheers!

Loving this pants soooooo much. It is a complimentary gift from http://misssharine.blogspot.com/


09 March 2012

Strike The Colors

Outfit shots on what I wore on Rafidah's reception. Again, I just love playing with colors. 

This year, it is our 10th year of knowing each other. And on the same date, 04.03.12, it was our 9th year anniversary as a couple! Knowing him and be with him is the best thing that I've ever had. He is such a worth person to laugh with and to cry for. Thank you so much, Love!


The Red Jubilee

As I said on the previous post, these are the tailpieces taken on the 4th March 2012. Though nowadays people prefer to have a simplicity theme for their wedding, but to me, when it comes to Malay wedding, I personally prefer it to be in a majestic and splendor way. Clearly, it is well said that you will be the 'Raja Sehari' on that day, thus, everything about the wedding especially the dais has to reflect the 'Raja Sehari' term. 

And I simpy love how Nizam Zary Bridal put their magical touch on this reception. Rafidah looked so much different and prettier! The dais was just too nice and gorgeous in its own way. Since I will be using the same wedding planner, I am so excited and looking forward to see how will it be on my date :) 

With my SIGS Darlings. 


07 March 2012

A Day To Remember

3rd March 2012. I shall announce it as A Day To Remember. Why? Because it was a special day where 2 of my close friends got hitched and Nadia had safely delivered a baby girl. Such a bless-full day. Alhamdulillah. I was attending Nonie's reception in JB when I received a message from Faiz (Nadia's hubby) telling me that the baby which was named as Hana Umairah has finally arrived! :) And later that day, I gotta rush to attend Rafidah's solemnization at Bandar Baru Uda. A day fulled of gifts, I shall say :)


Meanwhile in KPJ, Kajang Specialist Hospital.
Daddy Faiz with baby Hana Umairah.


Later that evening, at Rafidah's solemnization

Will be blogging about Rafidah's reception on the next entry. Stay tune, peeps!