30 July 2010

Good News

Have A Good One, People!!

Korean Flavour

While I was digging up some fashion stuff on the internet, I bumped into these photo. Korean girls do really have a gigantic sense in fashion. Look at these! I'm loving the ensembles and I truly fall in love with the shoes.

3 in 1 : Sneakers + PeepToe + Wedges


It gets too boring when you gotta play with the same toy everyday. Like a four year old child, seriously I want a new toy, I mean can I have another type of assignment that I can play with?? It gets too boring and cliche when you gotta play with the same old shits. Sigh.

What?? What I wore today?? You guys really want to know?? See this. So these are what I wore for today. Sorry, I am not in the mood of dressing up nor taking pictures. Ignore my nude and pale face. No make ups, except blusher, i just put it on rite b4 the snapping.. and no hair-dos. Me looking like a zombie kampung pisang. Durhhh!

Picture 1 : See my bracelet?? I only got a chance to wear it today after a MONTH of purchasing! Lol!
Picture 2 : Oh that cutie earring? I love it because it could enhance my kiddo character.. (durhhhh!)
Picture 3 : Introducing my whitey puffy sleeve shirty :D
Picture 4 : The-what-we-call, Side View.. Lols!

28 July 2010

Tough & Hard

I have to be tough enough in order to break bricks of hard life. Fighting!

27 July 2010


The definition from Urban Dictionary : Someone, usually female, and often of the scene, emo, or goth "subculture" who enjoys taking countless pictures of their heavily made-up selves and posting them online. Camwhores usually post their pictures on myspace, facebook and sometimes even on our very own blogger, out of a desire for attention and to show off their low-cut t-shirts and pale, underdeveloped boobies under poor lighting.

Hahahahaaha.. See the photos below in order to support the statements above.. Lols :D Me and my lil' sista having a so-called schizophrenia time. Thanks to all my cats, WiiWii, MuiMui & Coco for being supportive. *Clap* meowwwwwww... :D

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

26 July 2010

Phat Fam

Had a fantabulous time with the family last weekend. Started with laptop hunting for my little sister at Lowyat Plaza, Bukit Bintang, and followed by IKEA's crazy sale that rock and roll both my mom and dad. We didn't have much time to have this kind of activities before. Since me and my adik2 are in KL now, while my parent are having their newly-wed couple time now in JB :D But last weekend, it was really fun and awesome. Great great time with the phat family.. Wink!

My mom's all time favorite actress, Wan Maimunah. Bumped into her at IKEA while shopping some stuff. My mom was really excited, just look at her smile.. hahahahahaahha  I love you, mom!

23 July 2010

Weekend Oh Weekend

Yummy Choki Choki
Happy Weekend, earthlings!
Have a good one!
Cheers :D


I still have a lot of pictures of mine from the previous photo session with Toruk Moktu. I simply don't want to upload them on my FB. So I guess I would use my blog as an alternate medium to dump any pictures of mine. and these pictures would be a bit like puking blood kinda thing. Ya laa, everything is ME in the pictures.. so if you thing it is kinda puking blood, just leave. or dont bother me. I do giddy giddy thing for living :p Ahaksss! And thanks to oppa for the load-of-snappings! I heart you! *wink*

Simply heart this picture
Oppa & Me
Oh, see the Rolling Stones shirt?? I'm loving his shirt too ;D

20 July 2010

Lady in Red

I am not a blond girl, pardon me.. Teeheee :D
Want to shop but only have RM100 in your purse? Worry no more. Let me tell you how I did.
Top: RM20, Skirt: RM20, Sandals: RM39.90, Chunky Bangle: 3 pieces for RM10. Total: RM89.90
Cool?? That's how i did :D

She is Toruk Moktu

Oppa decided to take some pictures of Toruk Moktu after he, himself finished doing the DIY for its rim. Just take a look at these pictures. How awesome and fancy Toruk now. Her new stilettos are hot damn delicious. I'm so envy of her. Well, oppa, I want a hot new stilettos in red too! And yeah, forgot to tell you people. Oppa did this by himself. It took him almost a week to finish DIY the rims! A lot of effort yeah!

Location: Putrajaya
Oh yeah, I did all the editings for all of these pictures. Awesome? ;p

16 July 2010

Friday Love

In case of emergency while partying on weekend nites, don't forget to call 911. Lol!
 I'm loving this ensemble!

15 July 2010

Rossy Bun-ny

I told you that I like doing this type of hairdo now. Big bun! Add a fancy hair bow, and it turns your hair bun as delicious as Dorayaki doughnuts! Nyum Nyum. 
p/s: simply ignore the last picture..yep2 it is me with some kind of retardy action! LoL

I'm going to get this magical thing! Look at the bun..OMG!! Delicious innit?? This is so as yummy as Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

14 July 2010

Too Close

Come closer to me ;p ;p

13 July 2010


Simply Me
Misschqa Mustafa
Top: ZARA, Shorts: Blusand, Bag: United Colors of Benetton

p/s: Combination red & yellow = ESPANA. Spain won the 2010 World Cup!!! Woooohoooo!!!

12 July 2010

Essentially Me

Beachy Girls
Cherating Beach, Pahang
I miss this moments! Moments captured are truly priceless!!

09 July 2010

Last but Not Least

See ya next Monday!
Thanks to Miss Nena the RawkStar for the artwork!


Pahang Road Trip
The Fantabulous Ladies from left: Nana, Nadia, Raf, Nena & Me

I love doing Bun / Odangi (Japanese word) for my hair-do now. Easy & Cheesy. I guess by pulling all my hair to the back reveals the best features on my face :D

Misschqa Mustafa
3 piece outfits: Sg Wang Plaza, Shoes: Luccini