21 November 2011

Sunday Shine

Luncheon at Midvalley Megamall. 

The smoking sexy Lamb Stew

What I Wore. 

A bit fleshy? Yes? No? YES, I've gained weight! Grrrrr!


18 November 2011

The One That Got Away

Current favorite song. The One That Got Away by Katy Perry.

I will always love Katy Perry's song clips. Love its vintage classy mood that always give that aura and goose-bump while watching it.

p/s : Noticed the classy Mustang ride? I guess that's the awesome part in this clip that I love the most!


17 November 2011

Take Five

These pictures were taken earlier in the office, while I was having a cup of coffee.


16 November 2011

New In

New babies are lining up, waiting to be worn :D

Electric blue tapered pants with a red belt. Playful red chili shorts. Leopard belt. Mint green chiffon top.  

Current favorite earrings

More chunky and colorful babies :D


15 November 2011

The Sum Of Heart


14 November 2011

Shopping Dash

3 pants, 1 top and 2 belts. Things that I got last weekend while went shopping with my dearest friends. And now, I'm a happy missy :D

An oversized lace jacket with an eyelet little black dress.

What I Wore

My darling cousin, Rifhan. What she wore.

Nena & me

My crazy chicks :D



10 November 2011

Happy Cat Watched Movie

Had a very good time while watching Real Steel last night. It was a good movie, me and Farhan enjoyed every bits of the movie plot :)

This is What I Wore


09 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I am just too tired dealing with loads of lifeless, monotonous and stuffy things. And so I created this.

I'm gonna have a movie date with Farhan tonight. Happy Wednesday, peeps! xx


08 November 2011

He Hits 27

It was Gombak's birthday on the 2nd of November. As a part of the celebration, we held a small party at my house. It was just between some close friends with some humble food :)

Even though it was a working day, we managed to spare some time to do some deco :D

The Dudes and The Dudette.

Nena with her birthday boy :)

He and his toy :D

Lol :D

The Family Portraits