27 January 2012

The Historic Malacca

As promised, these are some of the photos taken while visiting Malacca last weekend. I never get bored of Malacca, to me this land is full of remarkable momentous. The standout of the historical buildings from the era of Portuguese colonial have made them among the oldest surviving monument remain in Asia.


25 January 2012

Normal Sunny Day

Some outfit shots on a sunny Sunday. 

It is an old one, yet still my favourite one.


Vintage Look

Hola dearies! How are you doing? I just got back from a short trip with my whole family. We went to Malacca for another family trip, it was fun to get in touch with my loved ones. I am looking forward for another family vacation which will be on this coming June. I will be writing about the Malacca trip later. Do wait! For this entry, I will be posting a vintage look which was done by my little cousin, Rifhan Zainuddin. It is soooooo good when you have a buddy that has a same interest like yours. When we talk, we talk a lot about shoes, rings, clothes, style, and everything about fashion. Somehow, I just love the fact that me and her share some things in common :)

As we were wandering around, we found this old piece of 403 Peugeot. 

All outfit & accessories are her own.


16 January 2012

Brightside Girls

When everything seems so wrong, just walk straight. There will always be a tiny good thing that you will discover at the end of the road. Every cloud has a silver lining. Look at the bright side of it :) 

I just love the combination. Bright, stripe and bold. Too much patterns could somehow make you look bigger, but there is no harm of trying, right?

Current favourite

Madness. Oh yes I am! :D

My cousin, also my partner in crime.

Dwarfs. Hahaha


07 January 2012

New Day Has Come

Happy New Year! It is obviously a little too late, but it is better to be late than never. For this new year of 2012, I am hoping for a better living. I've also come to a conclusion that something has to be done, I mean, I really got to do something this year, something different that would give some good impact in my life. I've made a list of to-do, InsyaAllah, if there is a will, there is a way too. The most important is, I want to stay healthy. Not only me, but I want everybody especially my loved ones to stay healthy. Be healthy, be happy and be blessed. Happy New Year, peeps! May each day of your days be a day full of love. *Wink* :)

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