27 December 2012

Green Peplum

Hello. New year is coming! I really hope it brings loads of blessings to all of you and me. InsyaAllah. Talking about new year's resolution, I don't have much to strive, I mean, personally I have so many things to achieve, but I guess the most important part is, as long as you have a strong will and complete determination on doing things, you will be able to climb the mountain and chase the world. Agree? The bottom line is you, yourself. Because nowadays people are too busy talking about changing the world but no one thinks about changing him/herself. And nothing can ever change if you refuse to change the old you to be a better you, right? Maybe I am not a good person to talk about perfection or purity, but the purpose of this writing is just to remind me that, change is the law of life. One should change for the betterment.

Everyone has their own flaws, their own dark sides. As for me, one thing that I need to fight back is my attitude of being such a rigid, bitter and sometimes cranky person. Please don't get me wrong, I am not a bad person, I don't simply go to you and provoke you, plus I don't bite :p It is just sometimes when it comes to a certain circumstances, I can easily turn into a monster... errrr maybe a lil monster. (trying not to scare you :p) In easier words, when I am mad, I can be so different, negative and boastful. Which I think it's not good at all. It will definitely hurt people around me, people I loved the most. Trying to fix this is not as easy as it said, because I believe, any change, even a change for the better always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. But, insyaAllah, with a strong will, it will get me to what I want. So what's your new year's resolution? Before I leave, these are my weekend's style shots. And hubby, thanks for the shoes. Saranghaeyo! 

Love love! Thank you again, hubs!


23 December 2012

Merah Cinta Hati

Did I tell you that I was swamped with loads of work? Being too occupied till I have to leave my blog abandoned for more than a month. Office work, house chores, freelance assignments, these were the things that always kept me running here and there. But, work can be fun if you really enjoy it. And yes, I feel happy even though I was busy. The urge of doing things is so huge till I can set myself on a full throttle mode just to get things done in a right way. And there was this project that involved me, do you guys still remember Merah Cinta Hati? Recently, Merah Cinta Hati has launched its latest custom made collection and I was one of the team member who helped Merah Cinta Hati on its first roll out. It was fun and full of excitement as this was my first attempt on doing roles as a model, stylist and editor. So far, I really love what I did! I was happy with the result, however, I couldn't give myself any extra marks since this was my first attempt on doing things like this. But I'm looking forward to do it again  in the future and come up with some fresh and bright ideas! InsyaAllah.

Speaking of Merah Cinta Hati, you can view their latest collection at their official Facebook Page and Fashion Valet. Follow them now on Facebook and stand a chance to win their latest collection worth RM300!


A Spike Shoes and A Torn Heart

Long hiatus I guess. Now, I am all here again. Life and work are getting real hectic these days. I gotta say that I got numbers of style shots to update, and I have a thought to share. Sometimes, I just don't understand how can some people be so cold hearted, un-emotion and dry? How can a good friend of yours changed to be a stranger to you? How can some people refuse to forgive and forget? How can a tiny little issue breaks a true relationship? How can some people be so ignorant? I just don't get it. But I always believe that a good deed will always be a good deed. And yes, when we do one good deed, the scale is tipped to the good. It doesn't cost you money to be nice to people. Smile, be nice and be warm to others. Have a good weekend, all :)


14 November 2012

Neon Bag

Things that I love + Things makes me happy
  • Bright & colorful tones
  • Dress up
  • Photographs session
  • Crispy food
  • Gold accessories

Cooking makes me happy too. Chicken curry for hubby. Happy Deepavali!


06 November 2012



31 October 2012

An Evening Sunset

Spent my weekend at my hometown for Eid, and had these photos taken during my evening walk with hubby.  

Bought this H&M Aztec cap for Mr.Hubs, and guess what? It fits perfectly on me too. 

Beautiful sunset scene. Taken in Pontian, Johor.


29 October 2012

Chili Red

On another occasion, I had the same stripes H&M top paired with my chili red tapered pants.

Snacking at The Loaf. Having my favourite Cranberry Cheese Bun. 1 will never be enough so I took 3 instead. Love love!

My 'Happy Tonic'.

When it comes to breads & buns, The Loaf is my perfect choice.


28 October 2012

Floral Pants

Current favourite pants

I'd been asked to share the brands name / shops on items that I wore. For this ensembles, as below.

Sunglasses : Oakley Jupiter LX
Tops : H&M
Necklace : H&M
Clutch : Vicnity
Watch : Michael Kors
Pants : 6th Sense
Ring : Flea Market
Shoes : Sg Wang Plaza