28 May 2011

Old School Titbits

I've been wanting to eat this particular corn crackers. Because it is so hard to find, it makes me yearn until now. Sad. I even asked Farhan to buy this particular corn crackers for me, and here it goes our conversation.

Because it is an old school tit-bits which I remember that I had it almost everyday back then when I was in my primary school, finding it nowadays at the year of 2011 is not an easy thing to do. Sigh. But when he said that he would go round and round of Kajang - Bangi - Serdang to get one for me, it makes me smile all day long.

9 days he'd been searching for the tit-bits and today he texted me that he managed to get not one but a basket full of corn crackers for me. Yay!!!! Not in Kajang nor Bangi nor Serdang, he managed to get a whole bunch of that corn crackers in his hometown in Pontian. Erkkk..... Anyway, thank you so much, Love! 


27 May 2011

How To Mix & Match

I am so in the mood of writing today. To get the idea of a topic that I am gonna write about, I browsed through my previous posts. Flipped through one after another of all the pictures that I have in my entries. And a sudden blink popped in my head. Mix & Match. So now I'm gonna share with you guys the trick of mixing & matching the clothes. Well, maybe I am not one hell of pro here, but I guess there is no harm of sharing the idea. Right? 

You don't have to be like Madonna or Victoria Beckham in order to have a perfect wardrobe. Yes, I do agree that every girl's dream is to have a room of closets where she can store her unlimited pieces of clothes. But, who the heck are we am I that can afford a celebrity's closet? As for me, all that is needed is some creativity, common sense and a penchant of Mix & Match when you buy your clothing. Mixing & matching allows you to wear different and exciting looks even when you have a small or limited wardrobe. With a good imagination of mixing and matching you can even make an ordinary clothes stand out in the crowd. One thing for sure, Mixing & Matching lets you express your individuality and shows exactly who you are in wearing your on thought of style.

My Mix & Match

Exhibit 1 : How I wear my turquoise bandage skirt.

Exhibit 2 : How I wear my classic cut high waisted jeans.

Exhibit 3 : How I wear my blue stirrup leggings.

 Exhibit 4 : How I wear my orange mustard tank top.

Exhibit 5 : How I wear my floral vintage vest.

Exhibit 6 : How I wear my high waisted short.

Remember peeps, a little bit tweaking of your hair style, shoes and accessories also helps in changing the look :D


26 May 2011


Went to watch a movie last night - Pirates of The Caribbean. (As usual, Captain Jack Sparrow never disappoint me. And.. Oh, I love the mermaids! I wanna be one, pleaseee :p) I decided to pick the combination of  these colors to suit my new headband. Since I was a bit late last night, I made a quick selection of outfits and a couple of shots before I head off to the cinema.

Wearing blue headband from Merah Cinta Hati.


25 May 2011

Lovely Gift

Yesterday, I received a lovely headbands from Merah Cinta Hati. Thank you so much Merah Cinta Hati for your complimentary gifts. I love them so much! Girls, do check out Merah Cinta Hati since they have a bunch of gorgeous & nice headbands up for grab. Bold, colorful and cute, these are the qualities that you can get from Merah Cinta Hati's headbands!

P/S : I'm the one who was in charged in revamping the whole layout for Merah Cinta Hati blog. So, what do you think? :D


24 May 2011

Nur Kasih

Nur Kasih. This is the only Malay movie that we were aiming to watch this year. We had our late lunch at Noodle Station, Alamanda before went into the movie house at 6.30 pm. Nur Kasih had a quite long air time compared to other Malay Movie that were screened in the cinemas. What I love the most about this movie are, the Director, Khabir Bhatia succeeded on bringing & lifting up the Islamic plot in such a good way in his story line. I do admire how Khabir Bhatia explains and plays with the meaning of Islam in the context of urban & civilized Malay society.  Apart from having great cinematography, the script and the story line were nicely composed and I have this dialogue stuck in my head ; the dialogue was uttered by Remy Ishak (Adam) when he was having a discussion with one Ustaz after this Ustaz being reluctant on giving religious talk to a group of spoilt kids after seeing all the females were not covering their aurats. The dialogue goes something like this (can't remember the exact sentence) - "Tak guna kalau kite tutup dan betulkan luaran kalau yang dalamnya busuk dan rosak teruk." A strong sentence with a deep meaning. Agree? :D

This is What I Wore.


23 May 2011

Polka Dot

Last Saturday. Visited my colleague after she delivered a baby boy. This is what I wore.


The Grant

I am so happy for you, Love.

He called me when I was at work today. He told me the good news, and I was burst into tears. I was too happy for him. I've been praying for him so hard. I kept whispering the prayer in my heart since yesterday. Only I know how avid & eager it was, that made me ask Him if by any chances that all His grants would never meant for me, I pleased if He could grant His bestow to the one that I loved the most. He heard my prayer. He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver and the Bestower. Alhamdulillah. I am blessed. We are blessed. Thank you Allah for Your Miracle. And to my Dear Farhan, you know how much I love you and I am so happy for you :D Yeayy!!!

P/S : I'm gonna be King of the pirates ! Yes, you are the King of Pirates for stealing my heart, Monkey Bear Luffy  :p


20 May 2011

High & Sick

I was unwell when these pictures were taken. Had our lunch, went to see the doctor and....
Me : Oppa, I wanna take some photos.
Farhan : Orite, let's do it, baby!
Me :  Yay! ( Automatically, the feeling of being sick & unwell went away :p )

I am highly in love with my classic cut high waisted jeans. I wear it everywhere at anytime now. Hee :D


Movie Talk

A quick movie date with Mr.Fiance and this is What I Wore.


19 May 2011


What I Wore


16 May 2011


My current obsession.

Cyberjaya flea market never fails to ruin my purse!

Macaroons in the office!

Latest Edition. One Piece from Uniqlo. And so he bought.

I am loving the caption

Thanks to Mr Tripod.


Lazy Monday

Late entry. Should have posted this out, but Blogger was being a lil bit cracky last week. By the way, enjoy your holiday tomorrow, peeps! Cheers!