28 December 2010

Monday Monsters

I love Chicken Rice You :D

I want Revive, but I want Pepsi too. So I ordered both! Lol

Butter Chicken at Chicken Rice Shop. Oh!sem :D


Monday Night

Went for a little shopping date with Mr. Bear. I used my iphone to take these pictures, too bad the quality isn't there. Forgot to bring my slr. Silly me! Mr. Bear darling, thanks for the dress. I love it sooo much! Will post out the picture of the what-Mr.Bear-bought-me soon! Heee :D


Meowie Munchkin

My cats! 


24 December 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Happy hols and have a nice weekend!



Been yearning for this. Oh, it's Chicken Pie inside :D Thanks Mr.Bear for this treat.

Mr.Bear lights the cigar

Caption : Polka ♥ Cabana

I guess I look a little bit like Tweety Bird. lol


Movie Date

What I wore for movie date at Alamanda with Mr.Lover Boy :D


21 December 2010

Goodie Bag

Goodie bag from supermodels-secret.com. Thank you Michelle! Girls, do check out this page. They have loads of awesome thing for you! Visit www.supermodels-secrets.com now! :D



What I wear

Felt extremely hungry after the photoshoot, so me & Mr.Bear decided to eat at Nirwana Bangsar. Freakingly awesome Nasi Kandar served with banana leave. (maybe sebab tengah lapa kot, tu yang rase sedap je semua :p)


Lala & Me

Zuhaila aka Lala & me. Thanks for the big time darling. Big hug!


Face Lift

A friend of mine, Zuhaila, called me last week asking if I am interested to do a make-over for her up-coming article that will be released on NST. And yup, she is a journalist working with NST in Bangsar. So I'd say why not since this is my first ever doing a make-over in my whole entire life :D It's a fun chill time where I don't have to do much, they are just expecting me to put on some pretty clothes, make-ups, hair-do and strike few poses. These are some of the pictures that I have. Sadly, I didn't have any of these pictures captured using my DSLR since I forgot to put back the memory card in the camera. Silly me. Thanks to Mr.Bear, he managed to snap a few using my phone. Thanks Oppa :D

This is like my first ever doing a photoshoot in the studio. So far I am doing it very well even at first I felt a little bit of nervous and a bit of shivering. Lol. (and I am looking forward to do it again, if given a chance) Heee :p All of the hair accessories are being sponsored by supermodels-secrets.com. While the clothes are from various brand like BCBG, Bebe and.... I can't remember the rest :p I'm loving the fringe, it is not my real hair ok. It is a clip-on fringe. Supermodels-secrets.com does have a lot a cool girly thing. Check out the site and I guarantee you  there's a lot of cool girly thing that will fascinate you.


20 December 2010



Sunday Morning

Large portion of Nasi Lemak for breakfast on Sunday morning :D

Somehow I wonder is it him or the monster on his shirt that eats all those food. Heee :D

What I wore on that morning. Thanks Mr.Bear for non stop flickering the camera. Heart you. Love the dress. Sumpah bila pakai I rase cam berada kat zaman dolu-dolu. Heee :D


17 December 2010

After A Hurricane Comes A Rainbow

I feel a lil bit down & blue lately with few things up. Really down. To kill that stupid mood I play this song over and over again. I kinda like the lyrics :D

Cause baby you're a firework..Come on, show 'em what you're worth..Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y... :D

Have a good weekend peeps. Takecare!


Pretty Girl Rock

Somebody laughed at me when he saw me wearing this. Seriously I got nothing to say. Well, at least I've cheered him up ....and I got the power to draw his attention to me :p That makes me feel powerful! Yeah! Lol :D

Love this song. Hell yeah pretty girl rocks!


15 December 2010

Quick Dinner Date

Quick dinner date with Lover Boy. I hope I am not trying too hard to look cute :p


14 December 2010

Today & Now

Today : 141210. Time : 620pm. Mode : Dizzy and already flat. See my eye-bags? Ouh, I  hate that!

...... But somehow, I love my shoes. Heee :D


Giddy Me

Piles of work in the office makes me dizzy and giddy. Ooo please Mr. 2011, can you be a lil bit faster. I really need some time off. Really can't wait for my trip to Bali. I am counting the days and hours.. *_*


13 December 2010

The Eldest

I gave these words to my darling cousin  as she seems to be disappointed and upset with certain things. This is my self appreciation, my opinion and my motivational words for myself for being the eldest in the family. It is not easy being one because you have to learn to give in... a lot. And it is not easy being one because you have to have a special strength to deal with all the circumstances. Only the KAKAKs know better :D


Weddings Weekend

I guess I heard a lot of wedding bells lately. Here & there. And my weekends are filled with loads of invitations. Congratulations to all the pengantins :D So these are what I wore on Saturday outing. A tailor made kain with a lace top which I bought in Sg Wang (again?) :p The skinny belt, I simply grab it from my working dress, and somehow it goes well with these outfits :D