28 December 2011

Weekend Recap

Hi there! Another quick recap from me :) When December boarded, my weekends were filled with loads of things. Obviously me and Farhan were busy running here and there getting things for our wedding. Despite the hectic time of getting everything done for the big day, we had slot a little space for me and friends to go for a quick coffee and chill time. For me, friends need to get updated about what is up on each and everyone, therefore a quick rendezvous was all needed for all of us. Having each and everyone of us chat, eat, drink and laugh were the best therapy for me after a tensed and busy day settling things. 

The happy moment captured. My lil mummy-to-be has started wearing Hijab. Isn't she lovely? 

Mr.Shy Shy Bear :)

A snap after a quick lunch. The Sunnies that we've been yearning for. Hahahaha. Forgive us Dear Sunnies :p

An evening in Kuala Lumpur

Got myself hooked up with the YSL arty ring like sooooooo long ago. Luckily I managed to get something similar while I was wandering around the mall. Hahahaha Thanks to my hardcore hunting skill :D

Not one, but 2, Darling! :D Happy girl I am!

These lil things got me stuck in a long queue for like 30 minutes. What is so good about this popcorn that make people wait for like 30 minutes just for the sake of buying it? Well, the taste people, although it is quite sugary, but it is rich in taste, moisture and crisp, not like any other ordinary popcorns.

Again, thanks to my hardcore waiting skill. Got myself a bag full of heavenly crisp popcorn! Yayness!


19 December 2011

Denim Meets Denim

Some say wearing double denim is a big NO. Agree? Oh come on, if you follow the rules, you will absolutely miss all the fun. But make sure if you wanna break the rules, do it smartly, peeps :D To me, it is not entirely irrational. You really have to balance up the color tones and the heaviness of the denim itself. To balance up, wear 2 denims with 2 different colors tones, and the most important part is wear it lightly. No bold accessories like belt, heavy boots or cowboy hat (erk!) Make a mini statement with a simple accessory like fringe bag or some cool wristlets. As for me, this is what I put on.

Till then, have a good day ahead! 


12 December 2011

Seasonal Festivals

Hello people! How are you doing? Currently, I am in my room. Yup, Selangor is on holiday today, so I am happily blogging and lazying in the house. What a bliss Monday! And the weather outside is so pleasant and fine. Not too hot, not too cold. Nice. It is just so perfect to have an outdoor walk with your loved ones. 

We are now in the month of December 2011. There will be another few days to welcome 2012 on board. Honestly, I am  getting a little bit tense as the day goes by. 2012 is approaching, and it is also mean that I have roughly around 4 months before my wedding day. Yep, another 4 months, peeps. And obviously there is not much day left for me to live in lazy and idle mode. Seriously, I have to click on that 'GO' button, so that I can run here and there settling loads ( i mean loads! ) of thing before the big day. Until today, a few things I've managed to execute. Alhamdulillah. And I hope, there will be ways for me in settling other things as well. InsyaAllah. 

Okay Darlings, I am not going to pour you guys with my wedding story or things relating to that, enough of the intros that is written above. Maybe it is just a little bit too early for me to make it to the public. Somehow, I think there is a limit for me to write this and that about my private life. I am hopping that everything will be just fine. InsyaAllah. Before I make a leave, these are some pictures taken yesterday. A day outing with Farhan in hunting down few stuffs :D Hey, Kuala Lumpur is having a massive sale, dearies! Christmas and Chinese New Year are just around the corner, therefore, if you plan to shop, I suggest you to go and hunt stuffs down now. The sale is crazy,peeps! Madness!

Santa is coming to town! The deco inside the Pavilion, KL

A day living as Mr.Pink Panther. Hahaha

I am proud of how my tummy can expand so well. The big Teriyaki Burger from Carl's Junior ain't any problem for me :D

My Bear was getting very excited when he saw a lot of bears outside the Pavilion. Hahaha

It is a showcase of The United Buddy Bears where 147 bear sculptures are painted, each of them are  representing each of the countries in the world. 

Hello :D

What I Wore. Remember this patterns?Yes, they are back and hyped :D

Shocking pink bandage skirt with vintage chain patterns tops. To pop the look, I simply put on my small neon orange clutch paired with glossy blue platforms. Vibrant and colorful are so my thing! 

The Cat's eyes shades

What I Wore


09 December 2011

A Little Say


Sailor Girl

Hi There! Just another one quick update from me. Outfits post for yesterday's outing. Happy Friday, Darlings!

All dolled up. Took a snap. And I am all ready to go out :D

I gotta start wearing glasses again. The last time I wore was at the years of my study. Feeling a little bit okay after a while, I decided not to wearing glasses since then. But not now, my eyes are seriously in a poor health especially during nights where I can't recognize people and I can't see clearly all the road signs when driving. So now, here I am, all geeky having those lil things on my face :D


01 December 2011

Puss In Boots

Watched Puss In Boots last night with Farhan. To me it is such a purr-fect little movie that everyone can enjoy. I am a cat lover, of course I enjoyed it so much! I guess it is a fun movie that treats Puss In Boots as the star like he was meant to be. Apart from a recommended movie, I just want to share with everyone especially those who are using iPhone or Android phones, have this GSC application downloaded in your phone asap since it is so convenient and handy. I bought my cinema tickets using this application, and it is such a reliable one because I don't have to queue and wait, or maybe I don't have to deal with such a lagging network booking online tickets via internet. Trust me, this application is a far better and faster. Using Maybank2u as its payment method, this application will give you a bar code which you only have to scan at the ticket counter in order to enter the house. Easy? 

What I Wore. I just couldn't forgive myself for mis-placing my DSLR memory card. Went nuts searching for it all over my room before I got off the house. My huge urge of taking the photos using my DSLR became lame, hence, I just got these photos with low-res value, taken using my iPhone. Want to know where finally I found my memory card? It's just inside the small pocket on my big black bag that I'm wearing on the above picture. Pffftttt!


21 November 2011

Sunday Shine

Luncheon at Midvalley Megamall. 

The smoking sexy Lamb Stew

What I Wore. 

A bit fleshy? Yes? No? YES, I've gained weight! Grrrrr!


18 November 2011

The One That Got Away

Current favorite song. The One That Got Away by Katy Perry.

I will always love Katy Perry's song clips. Love its vintage classy mood that always give that aura and goose-bump while watching it.

p/s : Noticed the classy Mustang ride? I guess that's the awesome part in this clip that I love the most!


17 November 2011

Take Five

These pictures were taken earlier in the office, while I was having a cup of coffee.


16 November 2011

New In

New babies are lining up, waiting to be worn :D

Electric blue tapered pants with a red belt. Playful red chili shorts. Leopard belt. Mint green chiffon top.  

Current favorite earrings

More chunky and colorful babies :D