29 October 2010

Heart Friday

Happy Weekend to all!
I will be having another fun time tomorrow with all my besties! Will update you later!

p/s: Currently I am developing this project with all my friends. It is still in the making, will keep you posted once it is up and running! :D

26 October 2010

Frenz Frenzy

Honestly I am not a kind of person who can easily greet people and say hi. Not saying that I am arrogant nor snobbish, it is just the way I am. Say, in the situation where I meet new person, the far that I could go is by saying Hi, introduce my self (precisely my name) and shake hand. That's it. And for the next situation where I have to sit for a drink and chat, I suppose that I am not the one who starts the conversation. In other word, I am not a starter. Maybe you can say that, just start with a simple question like 'what do you do for living?' To some people this thing may sound simple to them. But, this thing - making new friend or starting a conversation with new people is really ain't my thing. And please don't get me wrong, I am not a bad person. I can go gaga and crazy with people that are close to  me. Maybe I am being a bit reluctant to strangers. Somehow I know that this is not a healthy thing to practice. I've tried my very best to change and I think today I am lot more better than yesterdays :D I have improved and I am happy with it. So peeps, get to know me first. I won't bite :p

Strangers or new people around me may call me snobbish and all. I am not blaming them when they have that kind of thoughts on me. I am okay with it. Since I am not a starter, and a lot of people say that my normal facial expression shows that I am snobbish and arrogant. Well, this is me, and somehow I agree with them because I know that I have a garang face and for sure I am not a smiley person. I don't smile easily. Again this is not a healthy thing to do. I know. Pardon me again. And I've changed :D

Farhan Jabbar
He's the one who is responsible on giving me inputs to improve myself. He reminds me to smile always and throw away my garang face :D Thanks Darling. He always say that let others do what ever they want to do as long as we don't hurt them, be nice to them even they are not doing the same thing to us. He said that always be the one to lent the hand and say hi. Thanks again Darling. I always keep that in mind, lock it up and put it nicely in my head. I heart you always for what you are, what you were and what you'll be. Big Hug :D


25 October 2010

Weekend Walks

Big time with my big Mr. Bear. Thanks. Heart you. Always & Forever. 

Current Obsession

Thanks Oppa for the surprise gift!! I heart you always!

Current Fav Song

Come Home by One Republic feat Sara Baraellis. Such a nice melody and lyric.
This video is live version, couldn't find the original one. Pardon me :)

12 October 2010

Look For Me

Hey Peeps! These are the looks that I created using Looklet. Looklet is something like fashion game where you can pick your own models and dress them up using your own creativity. Of course Looklet provides you with a huge wardrobe where you can simply pick the dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes & etc. It's fun & awesome because I personally thing that I can level up my fashion knowledge & sense of style. Since I am still new on Looklet, please join me and to all fashionista out there, hurry sign up for an account on Looklet and I am sure you gonna love it! Wink!

P/S: Look for me on Looklet : MISSCHQA MUSTAFA

 I named this look as Geo Pastela since I am using geometrical patterns mixed up with pastel colors. I personally think that it is sweet like candy :D

The Black Rose. Don't you think that the name is as cool as the look? :D

The 80s Discoball. I am desperately searching for that pink belt. Anyone knows where can I get it? Oh please please please! :D

I named this as The Wild Researcher. I picked the Turban and I guess it suits the look. Turban headbands are a hot hair style for spring! :D

11 October 2010


Big Apple of the day.

Strawberry Cheesecake with choco sauce! Love it!

Miss Legally Blonde of the day! Hee! Spot her new bag? Yes, the thing is new! Just like a new born baby!

The killer shoes. Yes, i bought it! Can't resist!

A so-call norm face. Erghh!

Shop A Lot!

The clothes combination for the Shop-A-Lot session :D

Miss Nena went round and round. It is tough to make decision huh? Hahaha

Miss Nana tidak keruan setelah berpuas hati dengan hasil tangkapan :p

Our official energy booster of the day. My favorite one, Chocolate Milk Tea with double scoops of pearl. And sometime triple. The more the better. I just can't stop munch those bubbles!

The Outcomes :p

The one on far left. Yes, it did killed my wallet!

08 October 2010


Have a good one! Cheers!

The Party Goes Wild

I created and named the look. The Party Goes Wild! Roarrr!!!

Missy Nudity

I told you that I go crazy playing with Looklet. Well, this is the look that I created today. Actually lotsa them, but I decided to put it up here which I think is the best look of all. Teeheee :D. So take a look at this. I love the ensembles, and the pants! O my god, I really love the pants! Delicious!

Nude colors. Classy!

07 October 2010

Bold & Edgy

I go crazy playing with this thing. Looklet is really awesome. So peeps, this look is created by me :D

The Pink Panther

Say Hello to October! 2 months to go before we say Hello again to 2011. 2011, I'm hoping for a better life throughout the year! As far as I know, 2010 really hits me badly! Erghhhh, be positive, Misschqa. Sometimes, in order to win a game, you gotta lose first :D By the way, this is what I wore during the weekend outing with Mr. Boyfie :D

I love the combination!
All are unbranded except the cardigan, from H&M.