30 July 2011

Not So Plain Day

2 months we've been engaged. Everything goes normal as it is. I guess there is no huge changes, we still walk on the same path, it's just sometimes when I tripped, he would always be there to make sure that I am fine. Hey wait, did I say that there is no huge changes? Actually, there is. We still laugh like before, and we also sometimes fought like cat & dog like before, but one thing that changed is the spark... The spark of love is much more provocative and tantalizing. It is firing, yeah, that's the word, firing... :D Blessed.

One beautiful evening, I accompanied him jog around his neighborhood.

Walking with these heels, while he's running. Do you think it is a good idea? :p

He's spontaneous. Lol

The ugly side of me. Thanks Oppa for capturing this :p

❤ ❤ 


Someone Like You

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead....

Such a beautiful voice & song :)


22 July 2011

Dark of The Moon

I know we are quite late to watch Transformers, Dark of The Moon but it is better late than never. Since it is a blockbuster movie, we were always failed to get the tickets until I myself went straight to the counter and purchased a post-dated tickets.

It's been a long time since we had our treat at Pizza Hut. So that night we chose to dine in here.

Hahaha. He's cool! :D


What I Wore.


21 July 2011

Food, Fruit & Friends

I was craving for Nasi Daun Pisang, Durian and Pavlova. So last week was the hunting time for all of those crave-ness. I told Farhan a few times about this, and never thought that we could managed to hunt down those 3 things in one time. But, of all that crave things, what I love the most is, I got a chance to spend my weekend with all of my crazy friends. Doesn't that sound cool and pretty? :D

Banana Leave Rice at Nirwana, Bangsar.

As usual. My tummy is as big as his.

Perut kenyang hati senang :D

Gotong-royong session at Gombak's flat. A new tenant is coming in, so we decided to help him out in making up the house.

Our snacks during the gotong-royong session :D Pavlova & Macademia Cheese Caramel. Yumm!

Yay! The house is all cleaned!

Love Love Love!

These 2 crazy chicks, they are all set for durian hunting! Yay!

Durian Buffet at SS2. Eat till you drop.

Petua orang tua-tua :p

Mission accomplished!


19 July 2011

Of A Wide Legged Jeans Part II

Had a dinner with some old friends at The Curve last Saturday night. Again, I chose my current favorite jeans, paired with a knitted cape top which I bought for RM15 at The Wondermilk Cuppacakes Show, a couple weeks ago.

Killing my time while waiting for him to finish his cigarette. Nightlife at The Curve.

What I Wore.


Of A Wide Legged Jeans

Now, I've found the right place for me to take pictures. It is around my BF's neighborhood. Pretty place, isn't it? By the way, I bought another wide legged jeans, but this time it's a low waisted in cut :D


15 July 2011

Bieber Fever

Went to his house to fetch him up before heading for our lunch.
Him : Babe, what's with you?
Me: What?
Him : Are you trying to do Justin Bieber's look?
Me : Excuse me???  T__T

Now I see. Now I don't.

PopCornMan is checking on the car ♥ ♥ 


13 July 2011

It's A Car Thing

Like any other Saturday, my schedule is already being fixed. It is either I go shopping with Farhan and friends, watching movie with Farhan, lunch date with Farhan or maybe doing a little crime with Farhan. Obviously his name is constantly being said up there, yeah well, I do a lot of thing with him most of the time. As for our last Saturday, this was the crime that we he did. We were at the car thingy shop because he wanted to check on things buy things for his car. I was the only witness for this crime and I have this one word for you, Love. Bravo! :P

Him : Babe, is there any possibilities that I can put any of these things on our Dulang Hantaran?
Me : Erk, sureeeeeeee... T__T

Him : How about we use these bucket seats on our pelamin?
Me : Erkk..... T__T

Lord of The Ring. He said. Anyhoo, thank you Oppa for buying me this! :D

Yeah, now I know why he used to call me Hamster. T__T

What I Wore.


Vintage Mode

I was wandering around Cyberjaya Flea Market last Friday and I found this checkered vintage dress. Wore it straight away that night for my dinner date with Farhan. 

I was extremely hungry that night and asked him to bring me to Wong Solo so that I can bedal Nasi Ayam Penyet! :D