30 August 2011

Home Coming

Last Friday, me and my siblings made our journey to go back to our hometown for Hari Raya celebration. Alhamdulillah, the journey was good and surprisingly the traffic was a lot better than before. It was a smooth and easy riding, not much vehicles on the road. We decided to break our fast at R&R Pagoh, had a light meal since we wanted to spare our tummy for our mom's dishes. 

My brother and I.

Three of us, on our journey for Hari Raya home coming.

Pau Kacang for breaking the fast.

Sampai-sampai rumah je mak da hidang sup tulang and ikan cencaru masak terutup. Tak ke bahagia tu? Bliss.


Iftar #3

Another outdated post. Sorry again. Tonight, this is the only time where I could find myself sit down in front of the lappy. Starting from last Friday, I was fully occupied to settle this and that. From a last minute shopping while I was still in KL, to my journey going back to my hometown JB, and lotsa other things, especially in having  things done for Hari Raya, my schedule was really tight and packed. I was totally tied up to an overloaded errands that makes me losing almost 4kg! Ah, never mind about that, for sure I will gain back 2 kilos on this Hari Raya :p Well yeah, as I said before, this gonna be an outdated post. It's about me and all my darlings gathered for another iftar-ing on the last week of Ramadhan. 

Iftar with these lovelies.

At the most voted place by all of us, Wong Solo! Yums!

Fiqa, Noii and Nadia

Pecel Lele and Empal Sapi. 

We're celebrating Nena's birthday in advance. Happy Birthday, Nena! XOXO

Look at him. Budak degil yang suka buat perangai :p

Last one before we make a leave.


25 August 2011

Sweet Treat

Hi Lovelies. I am back after quite a long hiatus. Sorry. Been quite busy lately with my work. Since Hari Raya is coming, I have to make sure that all my assignments in the office are done and all are set to be delivered on the date. Yes, I hate deadlines. I'd be half dead in order to meet all the deadlines. Blah. Being so hectic and busy during the day, will definitely make you feel weary and drained out of energy at night especially after break-fast. That is why I rather stay at home laying idly on the couch watching TV or maybe trying something new like baking a dessert, maybe :D

Simmer the jelly until it boils.

One can of fruit cocktail. Drain the juice.

One can of condensed milk and two boxes of whipping cream

Pour the condensed milk (half of can would be enough or else it will get too sweet eventually) and whipping cream in a mixing bowl. Whisk until it well combined.

In large square container, start layering the digestive biscuit with the cream on top.

Repeat this layering step according to your preferences. 

Spread the fruit cocktail evenly as the topping and pour the jelly as the final step. Store in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

My Cream Fruity Dessert is ready to serve. Easy! And it is soooo sedap! Yums!


15 August 2011

Weekend Treat

What I am having now is the maximum level of Monday blues. The adding between the blues and the fatigue of work and fasting has brought me to the condition where I only talk when people ask, I look at the screen for a few seconds before I get to understand what's on it. Besides, I even look at the wall clock like 10 times in a minute just to make sure it will hit 4 o'clock faster. Blah. Slack. Sluggish. 

At this point, I don't think that I can write well. With these laziness and blah feeling still stuck in my head, I try very hard to pull myself out of the negative state of mind. "Now, write! Use your freaking brain to think of some nice words to write!" I told myself. And yeah, there you go, a two paragraph of words. Not that much but it is more than enough to make my head stay up high and start to think rather than idly rest, lagging and slothful.

See peeps, what I am trying to say is whenever you are in such condition, try to stay positive. There will be something in you that can push yourself to the limit. Sometimes you may have to force yourself or even torture yourself, but it is for your own good. Being down and blue won't get you anywhere. Am I right? :D Before I leave, I put some of the photos taken during my outing with my darling cousin, Rifhan. 

This is what a girl does best. Cam-whoring while waiting for Rifhan.

Some say that we do look alike. Yeah, after all the blood that running through my vein is the same blood that running through hers :D

What I Wore. Loving my new shoes! :D


Iftar #2

Should have posted this out earlier, but the momentum that I have lately is kinda slow. Yep, maybe because of the fasting month. I get tired easily everyday and everything in the office seems boring and dull to me. I'd wish that I could take a month leave during this Ramadhan, lazying and idling in the house, doing nothing. That's heaven. Well yeah, keep on dreaming, Jehan! Below are some photos taken during our Iftar with Farhan's sister.

The black pepper chicken wings, simply yummy!

Enough said :D

Me and Iqa.


10 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Experiences made me grow wiser. Alhamdulillah.


09 August 2011

Iftar #1

Me and Farhan, we've been planning to give some treats to all of our friends. Since the Ramadhan is here, so we think this is the best time for all of us to get together for some fun and feast. I was the one who responsible in selecting the venue, Al Andalus Restaurant that serves Arabian and Middle East food. I personally think that the food was good, considering the nice, cozy and moderate ambience, I shall give 8 over 10 for this food place. As usual, below there are a few shots taken on the date.

Al Andalus Restaurant. Yes, previously, it was located at Jln Damai, Ampang.

My home made Pudding Trifle.

Sadly, Nadia, Faiz, Raf and Juff couldn't make it. They were all in JB.

Obviously, we were very excited. Yay, my lamb is here!!!!

Mandi Lamb. See my extra lamb? That makes me, ME. Hahaha

Arabic Tea-Pot

Newly engaged. Welcome to the club, guys!

Soon enough to-be. Yayyy!!

The Men of the night!

Erkkk, what shall I write for this photo caption? Oh yeah, The Host of the night! ♥ ♥ 


03 August 2011

Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims. Made this motion video for my company actually. A simple one, but, since I am the creator, so I decided to put it up here. Have a Baraqah Ramadhan, Lovelies! 

I have this one issue stuck in my head. Why must every restaurant or food place or even bazaar Ramadhan in KL served such an expensive food / Ramadhan buffet during this month of piety? A friend of mine tweeted this yesterday, that she had to pay RM8.50 for a packed of Bihun Goreng and a piece of Ayam Goreng. I think that is ridiculous. Be generous, it is a month of baraqah, people. Divide your alms wisely. Berniaga sambil bersedekah. Bukankah itu lagi mulia?