25 January 2011

Helo Bali



24 January 2011

Tell Me


21 January 2011

Gloomy Day

Even though yesterday was sunny & bright, but there were parts of yesterday that I felt gloom inside. 

After seeing Mr.Bear's car got crashed and turned out to be like this. Toruk Moktu, she now needs a new bump.

He was all messed up. I know that. Yet he still smiled all day long in front of me.

Bad day, same goes with my hair. Bad hair day.

To kill my time waiting for him, I took a few shots.

Waiting for him while he was self fixing his car.

Dinner. The best Bakso in Bangi, Kajang & some say Serdang. Lol :D



The header is now pixelated! Damn it!
Somebody out there, please help me!


Sunny Day

Feeling a little bit undecided about what to wear today. So I played dressing up in order to get the perfect match for my outfit. Since the day was all bright and shine, I've decided to pick my orange-mustard tank top as the primary clothe. And now, it is a matter of picking the bottom & others.

 Exhibit 1 : I guess it is a little bit revealing, I might feel discomfort during the outing.  

Exhibit 2 : Cardigan to cover up, but somehow I got a feeling that telling me the skirt made me look fat and short :p

Exhibit 3 : I eventually chose the short over the skirt. Simple, edgy & chic.


18 January 2011

Daily Bits

His shirt tells : You Are What You Eat

He put his cap on me and simply snapped. There you go my face. 40% retarded. Thanks Mr.Bear :p

Supper. White bread, ox tail soup & teh tarik. Purrrfect combo!

Everyday scene. It's everywhere in Malaysia. Malaysians' chilling.

This is what happened when :
Me : Oppaaaaaa (flapping eyelash)
Mr.Bear : Yep
Me : I saw something nice yesterday.. Can I.....
Mr.Bear : No shopping until I say so!
Me : Erkkkk.....

Thanks Mr.Bear for the quick snap. I look kinda ugly with that long silly face, but I still love this piece :D

Meatball, spring chicken & Daim cake at IKEA on Sunday noon.

Nude pale face for me at Wong Solo, Nasi Ayam Penyet.



17 January 2011

Chicken Spring

Lunch on Sunday at IKEA. RM13.80 for whole chicken at IKEA is a must eat & feast!

After IKEA, we went to Lowyat Plaza. Mr.Bear got things to buy and pick there.

A few snap-shots. Yes we went home empty handed even Sg Wang Plaza is just a few steps behind us. Lol!


13 January 2011

The Tourist

What I wore for The Tourist movie date, yesterday. Thanks Mr.Boyfie for non stop flickering the camera :D


12 January 2011

Not So Sexy Back

Got this from Miss Nena. It's not that clear but I like it because I look taller & slimmer in this picture. Lol :p


11 January 2011

Idea Less

Desperately in need of ideas for my work assignment. I was blank all day long. This is what I did. 



I don't have any caption for this. It's all explained as written on the 'Title' :p

p/s: I'm still feel guilty since I've made a promise to myself that I will NOT buy anything during outing with the friends last weekend. Erk!

Strike & Snap

Exhibit I

Exhibit II

I simply love the vintage print :D


10 January 2011

Weekend Misc

I made this all by myself. Fuhh! It took me like an hour to have this kind of wave.

My sweethearts

Me & Rafidah. 17 years of friendship! I love you darling :D

Lately, we share our story a lot. Heart you, nena :D

Wong Solo delivery for lunch on Sunday. Awesome!



Uniqlo, Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur.

Late night dinner at William's. Super huge portion. They were sharing while I only managed to eat 1/3 of the big plate. Erghhh!