25 September 2013


Super hectic week with crazy schedule. Sigh.
1. Office works are piling up like crazy. Events, communication collaterals, videos, etc. All are in tight deadlines! 

2. Will be away for 2 days business trip to Singapore starting tomorrow. Boss, can I just stay in the office and sit quietly and finish all the pending jobs? T__T

3. CSR activity on this coming Saturday. I will be back in KL on Friday night, being one of the team community for this project, I gotta prepare things and make sure everything in a good condition for the activity. Cry!

4. And the most painful part is, my family is coming to our house this Saturday! Means, I have to make sure the house will be all set for the guests. Phewwwwww! I'm the kind of person who likes (MUST is a good word to describe actually :p) make sure that the house in 'tip-top' condition before the guest comes.

So now I'm taking my deep breath and try to tell myself, yes, I can do this! Wish me luck, guys :p

xo :)


16 September 2013

Bart In The Army

An overdue photos taken when we decided to go on a bus to our hometown, JB. Donning favourite Bart's jumper with favourite army pants.

It's 2.30 am now. Me and hubs are enjoying our Sunday night watching This Is The End (it's terribly hilarious movie, lol), and thank God tomorrow is holiday. Happy Malaysia Day, peeps!


11 September 2013


The smallest moments that matter the most. Like being lazy on the couch or lying on the carpet while reading your favourite magazine. To me these are the things to consider in creating a good space in my house. Like I told you in my previous post, I live in an old house, nothing fancy, it's an old terrace house with a kind of lame neighbourhood. So in order to get rid of the dullness, me and hubby decided to get a nice decoration for our home. We DIY-ed because we thought that we could do it, and yes, we did almost everything on the house like painting the wall, arranging the furniture, etc. I guess me and hubs share the same passion and interest, we really enjoyed decorating and DIY-ing our home.

As our everyday life happens in the crib, we think that creating a sufficient space and ambience is vital. With a humble decoration and warm colourful ambience, we find that our home will always be our favourite place to hang out. 

My little kitchen. 

An artsy corner in our crib. The wall was fully done by me :) You can click here for more story on this artsy wall.

Creative clutter is better than idle neatness. Agree?


10 September 2013


Just when I thought that this shirt would annoy so many people due to its high florescent colour, hubby put on his shades and said "baby, you shine soooo bright!...." Hahaha

Top: Sg Wang Plaza
Jeans: MNG
Shoes: Sg Wang Plaza
Handbag: MCM


08 September 2013

New York Fashion Week

Some of street style shots captured on New York Fashion Week that happened recently. 

Major love for the skirt!

Everything on her is one great combo!

Such a cool aztec pants!

Valentino studded kitten heels. Top notch!

One of my favourite style blogger, Tuula.

How to throw black & white perfectly.

One great party prints I shall say

The pants are to-die-for!

The pretty petite style icon Miroslava Duma aka Mira Duma

A perfect decent white.

Fun and quirky combination.

All pictures via Pinterest


06 September 2013

Orange Burst

 They shine so bright. That's why I love 'em so much. Bought this high florescent tip toe from Sg Wang Plaza :D

Accessories: H&M
Pants: MNG
Handbag: MCM
Watch: Michael Kors
Top & Shoes: Sg Wang Plaza