27 September 2010

Baju Kurung Johor

Me : How do I look, Oppa?
Mr.Bf : Cantik... Macam nenek muda...
Me : Huh??
Mr.Bf : Err... macam Cikgu Rosnah...
Me : Huh???

 Inspired by my late grandmother, I've decided to tailor-made this Baju Kurung Johor. She used to wear Baju Kurung like this - Kain Batik matched with a piece of Kurung top made of cotton. Plus I still remember how my grandmom did her hair bun. It is a must for her to have that kind of hair do. Oh sungguh klasik! Oh yeah, I wore this for my Boyfie's friend's reception :D 
p/s : I am addicted with my super hot chillie lipstick now!

 My hair-bun, inspired by my late grandmother's!

Congrats to Intan & Taufaq!

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