30 June 2010

Style Sista

Mary & Ashley Olsen. Style sista. They are fabulous, aren't they? 

29 June 2010

If you could make one person fall in love with you who would it be?

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in Ironman ;p

Ask me anything

Hooray Hooray

I can't wait for this weekend. 3 more days to go :D me & my soldiers are going for a trip. This time, our destination is Pahang. As I said earlier, we are going to see the falls and the sea. Yay!!! Can't wait!! Since I am so in the mood of holidays, I attach some of my photos while I was in Sabah. Feast your eyes. peeps!

Misschqa Mustafa
Top: H&M, Legging: Unbranded, Bag: River Island, Flip Flop: Unbranded, Sunnies: Vincci

28 June 2010

Hola Hola

Hola Hola
I am back now people. Sorry for the sudden silence. Being away for about 5 days in a row - went back to my hometown JB, settling a few issues with my friends and family.. Phewwww! and now here I am.. standing right in front of you! ;p ;p 

23 June 2010

This Is Life

While I was creating the pie chart, I keep on cursing the fact that life is bitter. 
I need more money to feed my big tummy.
Ahaaaaaaa *idea*
I guess new job with better pay would be a nice thing to look into.
Teeheee :D

22 June 2010

Green Goers


Celebrating the Earth!
Having fun in Putrajaya on Sunday. Capturing the beauty of mother earth! These picture would be a plain one if the greeny grass is not there. Am I rite? So, save the earth! Go green!

80's rockafella

Misschqa Mustafa
Loving this ensemble
From top to toe: Unbranded, Except my wrist watch. It is from Esprit. Hee :P

21 June 2010

New Babies

Hola Peops!
Sorry for the long hiatus. Been such a busy bee throughout the weekend. Heee :D
Just wanna show you people my new babies.

Droolz! Heeee. They are cool rite?? See a lil scratch on pinky baby? Yeah, that's  because they are display one. I just pick it up since that's the only left. And yeah it is bigger. So what? Too irresistible! :p

16 June 2010


 This is my shout out today. In fact I am using this quote of mine for my Facebook shout out. I think I am being such transparent today, nothing to hide, nothing to lose. This is me, real me. It's either you like me or you hate me ;p Heee But don't worry peops, I am a nice girl, in fact I don't bite people ;p  hahahah

Misschqa Mustafa
Chilling at Teh Tarik The Curve, having Ikea's currypuff in hand.

Misschqa Mustafa & Miss Nena The Rockstar
All Unbranded

15 June 2010

Break Away

I just wanna go for a holiday. I am just so tired of work and my normal routine life.
 This is how I describe my feeling. See my face up there? How stressful I am now ;p ;p Hahahahah

To all my Soldiers,
Let's pack our bags and come with me to see the mountains, the rivers & the falls!

Wider & Wider

Oh my gosh! I am getting fatter & wider. Please help me! Ok, wait people. This is not a funny thing. Seriously I am not making fun about this. It is true that I am getting fatter. Even my boyfie said so :( 
I really wanna be slim like before. I just feel that my tummy is getting big and even my legs are getting shorter. Physically, when you feel that you are getting shorter, that is another way of telling that you are fat! Damn! And one more big bang that shows I am fat now is my shoe size, yes, it's getting bigger too. I used to wear 36 before but currently I am wearing 37. Oh, that's totally freaking me out! Arghhh!
I just wanna be slim like before!!
Lol.. That's me with that spoil face. Excuse me for a while yeah. I am being too silly ;p ;p hahahaha
Psstt.. I am wearing my new quirky shoulder top ;p

14 June 2010

Moments Captured

Thursday 100610
Having fun with friends at Look Out Point, Ampang Kuala Lumpur

Misschqa Mustafa
Top: Unbranded, Bottom: Bubu&Lulu, Shoes: Unbranded, Bag: Unbranded

Ops, We Did It Again!

It is Saturday and it is time to make up and dress up! No more boring and plain working outfit! Let's declare Saturday & Sunday  as our DressUp Day! Put on your hot pants, or Summer dress with an oversized shades or funky top to celebrate Saturday & Sunday! Hoorayyy! Go out and have fun with your girl friends since these are the only days that we can catch up with them. Psssttt... catch up in these case means that do the shopping :p Hahahaha But why can't we shop? It is not a sin anyway. We are doing the very right way to make our self look pretty. Isn't that cool? Be pretty and youthful. It is a way that you can reward yourself after 5 days of work. Right?? :D
p/s: I look fat in these pictures! Sigh
Nadia & Me

Nena & me

Credits to Nena for this artwork
 p/s: The pink shoes already mine! heeee :D

Misschqa Mustafa
From top to toe: Unbranded :D

11 June 2010

Collage Is Fun!

What do you think of this? Heee :p I know, I know, it is a puking blood kinda thing (with all those images ;p), but i gotta tell you i love doing this - collage. I think you should try too. It is kinda addictive. Pssstttt... I am doing this during my office hour okayyy.. So what? Today is Friday, and some more it is 
4pm, and trust me nobody has any mood of doing their job at this hour. Right?? ;p Heee

Peter Pan Inspired ;p Hee


Misschqa Mustafa
From Head to Toe: Unbranded :D

10 June 2010

Think Think

Being a designer, this is what I learn after 4 years in the field. That is why people always say that The Simpler The Better. But to get to the simpler, you have to bang your head off the wall first :p Cracking your head in getting the best ideas is not an easy job. That is why there is a quote that tells Only The Designer Knows Better :D

So this is me in a simple outfit. Easy and Cheesy :D

Misschqa Mustafa
Top: Harajuku, Mini Skirt: Unbranded, Bag: Benetton, Shoes: Crocs

09 June 2010

Kick The Ball!

The title of this entry may sound a bit quirky. But I just love it :D "Kick the ball! Yeah, just kick it!" hahaha :P  Okay, enough of that silly thing. And yea, I just realized today that the FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. Come to that realization, I made a poster specifically for my company to use as our new content on our TV screen. Oh yea, I haven't tell you that I am working with an advertising company where we provide LCD screens for people to advertise. Not only the LCD screens, we do provide the contents (video, digital poster, etc) for the LCD as well.

Errr, where were we just now?? Oh yea, the poster :p (Pardon me, I am such a forgetful person) So I made this poster for the usage of our LCD screens. Unfortunately, my boss don't want this poster to be put on the screens. Why? Because he said that somehow we have to deal with the rights issue in the near future. I was like, errrrr okay, you are the boss. Don't want my idea to be dumped elsewhere, so I decided to put it here :D

p/s: You can watch our LCD screens at all KFC stores in Klang Valley & Kayu Nasi Kandar
(I am promoting the company ;p)

Bold & Clear

Dear Mr. Blogy,
This is what I feel today. And I strongly believe on that. As written above, the words are bold, solid and tight. That's to show how hard and firm that I believe on this phrase. While the red color express the pain and how I extremely annoyed about what had happened. But don't you worry Mr.Blogy, I am all fine and God gave me enough strength to deal with this issue :)

08 June 2010

Show Me The Money!

Does this statement make sense? Sigh.. Why do we have to work hard for a piece of paper?? That's wholly crap isn't it? I wish I had my own world where I just can pluck anything from a tree.. Ngee :D That's sound cool rite? Well, that is just a dream in a dream. I just pray that someday, I will get whatever that I want, and being grateful for what I have. Cool? :D

pssttt.. more money so that I can do shopping! Wink!

Misschqa Mustafa
Top: Kitschen, Bottom: Nichii, Bag: Unbranded, Shoes: Unbranded