28 June 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

24 June 2011. It was my mom's birthday. At first I thought that we would not get any chances to make a celebration for her, but a day before it, my mom called and told me that she will be heading to KL tomorrow (on her birthday) because Ayah had a meeting in Putrajaya. That would be great enough for me. So, I told my brother to spare some extra time after work to make a small treat for my mom on her birthday. Last minute of making selection on the venue, I've decided to go for this particular cafe which is located in Bangi. Well, the most convenient place for all of us, no hectic and traffic. It's Little White Cafe, a lifestyle restaurant that sells good food and good ambience too. Here are some photos takes on the date itself.

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you! The handbag that I gave you, I hope you like it! :D

Mak & Ayah. I love you both!

My little brother. The treat was on him. (Member da kaya sekarang ni. Lol) Thank you so much, dude. Love you!

My beef sandwich. When it comes to foodie, as usual, i will definitely go for meat! 

Ayah was practicing a healthy diet. Instead of having meat like he used to, he ordered chicken at that night.

Nice ambience and good food at Little White Cafe.

p/s : Little White Cafe is located at the next block of Wong Solo, Bangi.

Address : 13-G-1, Jln Medan PB 4A, Pusat Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor


27 June 2011

Simple Sunday

Woke up in the morning of Sunday. What a beautiful day when the first thing in the morning I had my phone rang. It was him who called, asking me to get up and dress up because he gonna pick me up for a Sunday morning breakfast. Lovely. And so I picked a simple yet lively color for my outfits to celebrate the beautiful and splendid moment for our Sunday morning breakfast.

Neonism. I call this.

A wannabe Bayswater bag from Vincci, simply love it. Thank you so much, Love :D

What I Wore.


23 June 2011

Hear Me Rawr!

Hi everybody. It is been quite sometimes since I had my entry posted almost everyday. Sorry for keeping this blog motionless. It is just that I am having a kind of slow momentum at the moment. By the way, I had a day out with Mr.Bear yesterday. Our initial idea of watching a movie turned out to be pointless when all of the early show tickets were already sold out. So we wandered around the mall, went into one shop after another. Did I buy something? I did not buy anything but Mr.Bear bought something for me :D Thanks, Love!

What I Wore. Too much of animal print? That is why you can hear me rawr! :p

What he wore. Thanks love for buying me a handbag 


21 June 2011

Oh Girls!

♫ ♪♫ ♪ Some boys take a beautiful girl, and hide her away from the rest of the world, I wanna be the one to walk in the sun, Oh Girls they just wanna have fun, That's all they really want.. Some fun..♫ ♪♫ ♪

Ooh Girls, just wanna have funnnn!

What I Wore.


20 June 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

I've posted this video earlier. But the feeling of being betrayed made me want to put up this video again.

Who do you think you are? Running round leaving scars. Collecting your jar of hearts. Tearing love apart.
You're gonna catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul. Don't come back for me.
Who do you think you are?


15 June 2011

Salmon Pink

Went to restock some groceries. This is what I wore :D


13 June 2011

Cream Puff

Last Saturday, I accompanied Farhan to his friend's wedding. This is what I wore.

Since I don't have a lot of Baju Kurung & Kebaya (most of them are already worn out, sad), so I tried to figure out something modest that still applicable to wear to a Malay wedding. So this is it.


10 June 2011

Yogi Bear

Hi Peeps. It is Friday and I am excited to meet Saturday & Sunday. But before I leave, here are some photos that I want to share. Have a nice weekend, take care and smile always, Earthlings!

Nice cuppies. Wait till you see the next photo :p

Aahaaaaa! Yup, they are actually for him. My small & humble gift for him. (Will get something nice for you soon, ok YogiBear?)

After work, we had dinner together and I asked him to close his eyes before he got to see the gift. Just look at him :P (Good boy niiiii, dengar kata..... :P)

Surprise! See his happy face? :D

Him : Whoaaaaa!!! They look good. Ok, oppa makan sekarang!
Me : T__T  Lorr, sabar la dulu... I wanna take some pictures..

Nah, one close shot from him! 


08 June 2011

Oopsie Daisy

Another round of playing with color using your outfits. For your information, I go nuts playing with this kind of layout design. By the way, all idea and artwork are done by me. 


06 June 2011

Yellow Mellow

Being a little bit hardworking. Made this ala magazine layout :D


Adele & Rachel

I adore her voice. Adele singing Rolling In The Deep.

I wish that I had her voice.


03 June 2011

Color Dash

This season, color blocking has really made a big come back. Although it is not a new trend but it definitely back with a big bang. As you people know, I love colors. For me there is no rule in combining colors as long as it will not make you look ramp-ish. Don't be shy to experiment. If you are afraid of making flaws in blocking colors, I give you two hints. First, try to add basic colors like white, black or grey to make the striking color toned down. And the second one, try not to combine more than 4 colors in one outfits. More colors will create an illusion of cutting your shape here and there, and that would create the non-original of your figure itself. 

I think that color blocking is a fun trend that every girl should try to experiment. Experimenting the colors will expose you on how to accentuate your style using colors. Like I've mentioned before, by experimenting colors also lets you express your own idea in creating your own sense of style.

Using Looklet, I have created 9 looks on how to block colors. Since I have abandoned my Looklet account for quite sometimes, so now I've decided to use it in creating my personal look for this entry. Haven't heard about Looklet yet?  Looklet is a so-called fashion game where you can simply pick your own model and dress them up using your own creativity. Looklet provides you with a wide range of wardrobe (from top to toe) where you can simply pick the dress, top, shoes, bags and etc. Have fun trying this game and I am sure you gonna love it so much. Below are the 9 looks that I created using Looklet. It covers on how to color block while adding some patterns and prints. The combining of colors and the selection of outfits and styling are solely my idea. Cool?

These are the looks that you can say play-it-safe because I don't go for too many colors. Maybe for the first trial, you can go into this kind of color codes - mixing 2 or 3 colors while having one basic color in your selection of outfits.

Mixing two contrast colors. Do not afraid to go for something that extra bold and strike. Like I said, there is no rule that restrict you from having red and green together or blue and yellow at the same time. Have fun with these colors, girls!

Wild and fun. Agree? I can say that these are the look that creates fun and craze. I love these since I mixed everything together. Bold, striking colors, patterns and prints. Pretty isn't it? Pink fuchsia, yellow mustard, tangerine and electric blue are so in-style now. So babes, don't forget to update your wardrobe with these neon colors. Have fun experimenting, darlings!