25 August 2010

Bizarre Bazaar

Wanna go but I have to be back to my hometown JB this weekend. What a waste :(

17 August 2010

Oh My Hair!

Seriously, it is just a easy cheesy step. I just make a very loose bun before I got to bed. The next morning when I wake up, I have a big curl wavy hair.. Yay!!! No curler, no combing. You just sleep and the next morning, you already have your new hair :D

New Look ;p

New In Town

Wayfarer Gets Funk!

Cool innit?? I want them all!!! 

Running In Heels!

The most comfortable high heels TORSION HEEL will be released by Adidas Y-3 soon. Running in heels, women?? No problemo! :D

14 August 2010

Line By Line

Workaday Look
I love how red color does its job in enhancing the combination of the pieces.

13 August 2010


People around keep asking me about this name. Misschqa. Why Misschqa? What is Misschqa actually? How to pronounce the name? Okay, now I tell you why and how to pronounce it correctly. :p

1. First, this is how you pronounce it : Mish-qa

2. The pronunciation is simple but why I have to spell it that way. With double S and CH. The reason  why is because Misschqa was the name that I chose for my Yahoo ID longggggggggg time ago. The original spelling was like this : Mischqa. Unfortunately the chosen name with that kind of spelling was not available at that time. Therefore, I had to put another S to make it work for the ID registration.

3. I simply love the name. It sounds very bubbly and lively and creamy. Simply delicious! Lol!

12 August 2010

Just Do It!

Brain Teaser

Trying to look cute & bubbly :D
I wore these for my last weekend outing.
I'm loving the ensembles! :D

09 August 2010

Dottie Dot

Misschqa Mustafa
Spot my new shoes?? :D
White Singlet: Unbranded, Vest: Pull & Bear, Legging: Unbranded, Shoes: Sg Wang Plaza

The Catch!

Tried very best to control myself, but failed. Heheehe.. These are the result from my previous weekend's hunting. Quirky polka pumps & the rings :D Personally, I really love these!

06 August 2010


I am bored. Totally I am. I  just don't consider that I live happily now. Except for having my boyfriend right by my side :D I don't feel happy with my life, I am bored with the same effing routine that I have to do everyday. Checking out what the latest updates on my friends in Facebook, open my emails even though I already know there will be no good news for me, browsing at the same internet sites.... arghhh.. That's totally make me sick! and this weekend would be a boring one for me. My boyfriend is not in town, not having him right beside me on weekend is the same meaning of telling me that I will not have an exciting things to do! Grrrrrrr!!

05 August 2010


Misschqa Mustafa
Workaday Look

04 August 2010

The Hunter

These are what I wore during the Mee Goreng Hunting Session. Oh yes, I am truly loving these ensembles! Woot! :D

 Me in Yellow Mellow top. I think I look great in Yellow! Wink!

Mee Goreng Hunting

I was so damn craving for Mee Goreng last weekend. So I told my boyfriend.. " Oppa, I want the best Mee Goreng in town.. Where can I find it? " and Oppa was like tounged tight, not saying a boo.. He had no idea where to find the best Mee Goreng in town.. Being so impatient & hungry of mee goreng that could make me eat a horse, I rapidly ask Oppa to bring me to this place.. Orchid Bistro.. The Mee Goreng was like so-so, but somehow, it could lessen my hunger about the best Mee Goreng in town. Do you people know any place in town where I can find one?? Any suggestions??

My latest favorite picture of him.. *Hearts*