25 January 2012

Vintage Look

Hola dearies! How are you doing? I just got back from a short trip with my whole family. We went to Malacca for another family trip, it was fun to get in touch with my loved ones. I am looking forward for another family vacation which will be on this coming June. I will be writing about the Malacca trip later. Do wait! For this entry, I will be posting a vintage look which was done by my little cousin, Rifhan Zainuddin. It is soooooo good when you have a buddy that has a same interest like yours. When we talk, we talk a lot about shoes, rings, clothes, style, and everything about fashion. Somehow, I just love the fact that me and her share some things in common :)

As we were wandering around, we found this old piece of 403 Peugeot. 

All outfit & accessories are her own.


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