29 May 2012


Hey hey hey! Yes, yes, I know I've been missing for so long. I guess, the best caption to describe me at the moment is "macam biskut, kejap ada, kejap takda" You know, things been overlapping since before I got married. From the wedding preparation, until I gotta start my first day at a new work place just 1 day after I got hitched. See, me & hubs didn't even got a niche time even for a shortest getaway for our honeymoon. Sad. Ever since I got myself work at this new office which is in KL, (yes, I have to travel from Kajang to KL everyday!) 24 hours a day seems not enough. Working in KL is always tiring and hectic, while in the other part, when I got home, there will be another chores and things that I have to look after. So far, I am doing good. Frankly speaking, it is tiring, but remember, you always gotta love what you do. Love what you do, then there will be no issues :) I know that I've already made my word of posting out my wedding pictures, the good news is I've already got the CD from one of my photographer. Yay!! which means that I will be posting them out soon. Soon peeps! In the mean time, now I will be putting up photos during the wedding of Nena & Gombak . Yes, they finally did it! The good thing about 2012 is, everybody is now hitched! *Drum roll* :)

Congratulations to both of you! 


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