18 June 2012

Love In Krabi

Hi Guys! Did I tell you that me and hubs went for our honeymoon trip in Krabi last week? Yes, we spent almost a week there and it was absolutely great! That was our first time there, and Krabi was treating us very-very good! Although we were there during the off season where Krabi was supposedly having a so call rainy season, but surprisingly, during our stay, the weather was ultimately fine. It was sunny throughout the week, and the best part there were not so many people there and all of the prices for all items selling were all being cut down :) Savvy? Yeah, maybe because it was an off season. Even the hotel that we stay, was all quiet and peaceful. It was a good thing though since we were there for honeymoon, so less crowd and hectic would be so so lovely :) 

Here I will be posting pictures on sandy beaches, clear water, sunny day and islands trip. While in the next post, I will be writing other fun stuff that me and hubs did in Krabi. So, do stay tune, peeps! *wink*

Approaching the beautiful lagoon in Phi Phi Le.

Phi Phi Don

Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi. Beautiful sandy beach with such crystal clear water, this is where they filmed The Beach :)

Off season? Can you see the crowd there? Me and hubs were like puzzled. Was it supposed to be less people during off season? Clearly it was the other way round.

Viking Cave in Phi Phi.

Ao Nang Beach

Here in Nopparat Thara Beach, you can easily walk to the small islands during the low tide of water. 

A walk to the islands. 

Hubs seemed so excited reaching the islands through our walking journey

He asked me, did he look like Luffy, his favourite anime character in One Piece comical series. I was like, yeahh rite, hubs :p

Will be posting more pictures soon! Till then, have a good week ahead! :)


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