11 March 2013

Favourite Pants

Three random questions that people usually ask me :

1. How old are you?
Well, I will officially turn 29 this year. Bitter but this is fact. Here's a story that might fix my anxiety about my age - At one random afternoon, hubby asked me to buy his cigarettes from one grocery shop near my house. And this is a random chat between me and the grocery Aunty.

Me : Makcik, bagi Malboro Light satu.
Makcik : Jarang nampak awak, baru pindah ke? (with a surprise look on her face)
Me : Biasa, suami saya yg selalu datang beli.
Makcik : Hah? Da kahwin ke? Umur berapa? Tak belajar ke?

2. Do you have Chinese bloodline?
I am not sure Chinese, but Indian is definitely yes. My great grandfather was from Hyderabad, India.

3. Are you a photographer?
Seriously, you guys are asking me this question? No, I am not but before, I was a design student, so being one, I was exposed to basic photography, which taught me how to capture an image, how lights, colors and composition really give an impact to the pictures.



  1. petite girls always look young.no doubt abt that..=P

  2. hi nadira, agree with you, maybe it is a plus point to those petite girls :D