31 May 2013

Cameron Highlands, I'm in Love!

This is an overdue story. Pardon me for deserting this blog for quite sometimes. Works are being so cruel to me, cruel as in I don't have a freaking minute to use my body scrub & hair conditioner during my shower these days. Sad. My daily routine starts at 6 am till I reach home usually around 8pm. Being at home means you got to take off your 'Executive' hat and put on your 'Wife' hat. I don't have a maid at home, hence all the house chores is fully done by me. I have to make sure the house is completely in order before I off to bed usually at 12. Calculating the total amount of hours that I've been working and running, somehow it sums up at approximate 18 hours. I guess it is good enough to declare myself a superwoman :p And for your information, I am blogging now at 2.30 am in the morning, that makes up a total of 20 hours of keeping up and awake. Perhaps, I shall get myself the Ironman suit right after this :p

A breathtaking view that makes you refuse to go home

Had a very nice stay here, The Smokehouse Hotel. 

The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant

Fresh salads at The Big Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highlands.


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