26 November 2013

Purdy by Misschqa

Been contemplating about this thing since so long. Eventually, I just had to decide that, it is okay to go for it. So I guess now, I would like to share some good news to all of you. I've started a little business on creative design.... Errr... Actually I've been doing this work since I was in the Uni, but recently, I've made up my mind to put it up online, not to get a real attention from all of you, maybe just to share some random things like "hey, I can help you to design your logo..." or "Maybe you need a little extra ideas on having a one of a kind wedding invite. Don't you think so?" 

So, let's meet my baby, Purdy. She's (yes, it's a she :p) able to help you with all creative design like logo, business card, wedding invites, creative design collaterals and even managing your party! You may say Hi to her on Instagram since at the moment she's only available on Instagram :p Follow her now and please do spread the love! Thank you, peeps!

All of the pictures shown here are samples of wedding invite that I designed for my clients. For other samples on logo, business card, etc, please refer to Purdy by Misschqa Instagram page.

Thanks again, darlings!


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