07 January 2014

Taiwan Travel Log Part I

Hello :D Happy New Year! Me and hubby spent our last few days of 2013 in Taiwan and here are some of the pictures taken on our first day there. It was a great moment treasured and a worth time spent. On our first night in Taiwan, we stayed at Red Maple Boutique Hotel located in Tai Yi Ecological Farm, Nantou, a palace of flowers forest surrounded by beautiful mountains and great scenery. The weather was just so perfect for outdoor stroll even though Taiwan was having winter at that time, temperature between 8C - 15C. I will blog more about this trip later since I have tones of pictures to be filtered. As for now, enjoy this entry and have a good working days! 

 What I loved the most about Red Maple Hotel - its toilet!

 Jacuzzi for two! Yay!

And this! This resort served Muslim customers not only in their banquet menu, but they too provide Al-Quran, sejadah and solat schedule in each room.

 Woke up the next morning, we took a morning walk around the hotel and all I could say was, this place is so perfect and the view was simply breathtaking!

Stay tuned for more entry on our Taiwan trip :D


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