30 July 2010


It gets too boring when you gotta play with the same toy everyday. Like a four year old child, seriously I want a new toy, I mean can I have another type of assignment that I can play with?? It gets too boring and cliche when you gotta play with the same old shits. Sigh.

What?? What I wore today?? You guys really want to know?? See this. So these are what I wore for today. Sorry, I am not in the mood of dressing up nor taking pictures. Ignore my nude and pale face. No make ups, except blusher, i just put it on rite b4 the snapping.. and no hair-dos. Me looking like a zombie kampung pisang. Durhhh!

Picture 1 : See my bracelet?? I only got a chance to wear it today after a MONTH of purchasing! Lol!
Picture 2 : Oh that cutie earring? I love it because it could enhance my kiddo character.. (durhhhh!)
Picture 3 : Introducing my whitey puffy sleeve shirty :D
Picture 4 : The-what-we-call, Side View.. Lols!

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