27 July 2010


The definition from Urban Dictionary : Someone, usually female, and often of the scene, emo, or goth "subculture" who enjoys taking countless pictures of their heavily made-up selves and posting them online. Camwhores usually post their pictures on myspace, facebook and sometimes even on our very own blogger, out of a desire for attention and to show off their low-cut t-shirts and pale, underdeveloped boobies under poor lighting.

Hahahahaaha.. See the photos below in order to support the statements above.. Lols :D Me and my lil' sista having a so-called schizophrenia time. Thanks to all my cats, WiiWii, MuiMui & Coco for being supportive. *Clap* meowwwwwww... :D

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

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