01 December 2010

My Niche

Things inside my room. They are there for a reason. Reason for me to keep on walking for every bits of my life. Because my room is the only slot where I can do anything, therefore all the things inside should be able to blend well with me. 

A photo of me and him on my dressing drawer. He is the reason for me to wake up with smile on my face every morning. Seeing this picture while putting on my blusher and mascara, it makes me smile and smile and smile :) And he is also the reason for me to dress up and make up in order to look good each and every day. ilu.

My bedroom wall. Mounted with pictures of whom I believe and love the most. Allah, my mom, my dad, my siblings, my family and for sure myself :D

I never leaves home without my bag. Thanks Oppa for making that holder for me. If not my bags would be scattered here & there in the room. And thanks again for buying some of them for me :D

My watches. Time is so important for me. And I would never leaves home without wearing one and sometimes I even sleep with my watch on my wrist :D

These are things needed for me to look good and smell good. The chocolate? Oh, it is like my daily multivitamins! :D

Yes, I read ViVi Magazines :p I may not understand it but I love to see the pictures in it. This magazine is full of super cool fashion stuff. And the chicks are all cute! Kawaiii! :D

This is MuiMui, my cat. Basically I share my bed with her. Err, not only with her but with WiiWii and CoCo too. WiiWii is MuiMui's lil sister and CoCo is their mother.

xoxo ~

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