21 December 2010

Face Lift

A friend of mine, Zuhaila, called me last week asking if I am interested to do a make-over for her up-coming article that will be released on NST. And yup, she is a journalist working with NST in Bangsar. So I'd say why not since this is my first ever doing a make-over in my whole entire life :D It's a fun chill time where I don't have to do much, they are just expecting me to put on some pretty clothes, make-ups, hair-do and strike few poses. These are some of the pictures that I have. Sadly, I didn't have any of these pictures captured using my DSLR since I forgot to put back the memory card in the camera. Silly me. Thanks to Mr.Bear, he managed to snap a few using my phone. Thanks Oppa :D

This is like my first ever doing a photoshoot in the studio. So far I am doing it very well even at first I felt a little bit of nervous and a bit of shivering. Lol. (and I am looking forward to do it again, if given a chance) Heee :p All of the hair accessories are being sponsored by supermodels-secrets.com. While the clothes are from various brand like BCBG, Bebe and.... I can't remember the rest :p I'm loving the fringe, it is not my real hair ok. It is a clip-on fringe. Supermodels-secrets.com does have a lot a cool girly thing. Check out the site and I guarantee you  there's a lot of cool girly thing that will fascinate you.


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