18 February 2011

Fire Brigade

Just a random posting. Yesterday me & my boyfriend went for a random walk. We stopped at random shops, see what's cool inside and move to another shop and repeat the same thing. Funny. We always did this, never get bored, because by doing this we discovered a lot of awesome and sometimes weird things in store. You may see a certain shop that doesn't look cool at all from the outside, but you never know what's coolest thing you may find inside. Hey, even RM2 shops got cool things inside, ok  :D

Cool & quirky fire brigade cap. RM16. Dope?

As usual he went to this section. Hardwares & tools. And yesterday he found this gloves.

Him :  I wanna buy this..
Me : For what??
Him : Babe, since you are using collagen cream to smoothen your hands, so I'm using this to protect mine.. :p
Me : Erkkk.. Okayyyy...


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