28 February 2011

The Weekenders

Rafidah (my girl with curly hair) was in town last weekend. As usual, 5 days before she came, she texted me saying "helo pompan, i'm coming over and bawak aku pergi tempat keramat, ok.." (helo lady, i'm coming over and do bring me to the 'sacred place', ok...) :p  And there we were, paid our visit to the most 'sacred place' evahh! Sungai Wang Plaza! But the worse thing evahh was my pay had not clear yet. That means, my pocket didn't full of sunshine money. It was not that easy when you had to watch and see your friends went nuts buying stuff while you had to keep yourself cool and control the unsatisfying emotion :p

Unexpectedly, we bumped into her at the plaza. Nad, one of our bestie during high school.

Nadia, Nad & Rafidah.

Four of us :D

p/s: I'm super loving what I wore on that day! Weee!


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