27 October 2011


Go out and play. When you play, that is when you learn things. Things I did today; Eat with my friends. Talked with them. Laughed with them. Walked with them. Shopped with them. Ran in the rain with them. It may sound lame, but throughout the process, there's a lot of thing that I discovered. A silly topic can be so interesting when you share it with your friends. A simple meal can be so delicious when you are having it with talk and laughter with your friends. A walk under the sun can be so fun when you are walking together with your friends. And a ghetto place like Chow Kit can be so awesome when you discover a lot of cool stuff there with your friends.

Happy Deepavali. A colorful Rangoli, taken at Carrefour Ampang Supermarket.

Another sinful temptation. Daging Dendeng with Sambal Ijo, Pucuk Ubi masak lemak and Gulai Urat Keting. A flavorsome lunch, Nasi Padang at Kampung Baru.

8 years been living in Kuala Lumpur, this is my first visit to Chow Kit Road. 

A stall that sells traditional medicine.

The kid is staring like seriously at me. Easy kid, I'm just taking a picture.

The Ginger family. 

Old school scenario. Here in Chow Kit, you can find loads of old school thing. It is like flashing back to the years when you were a kid.

We found a shop that sells old school titbits. It's like walking inside the Willy Wonka factory, see how peppy and gleeful we look.

This is my favorite chips. A corn chips which I must bought each time when school ends, last time. After years, finally we meet again Dear Corn Chips. Yes, I bought the whole pack. Hahaha

Coffee time

Girls will always be girls :)


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