16 October 2011


Hola! While I'm blogging, I guess you guys already curled up under your blanket, hibernated. As usual, I will be posting my outfits photos in this entry. Well yeah, weekend outing, dressed up, dolled up and did some giddy stuff with the boyfriend - The more-likely things that I usually did during my off days. Sadly, I noticed that there is a lack of outfit post on my blog lately. I'd wished that I could wear nice and be all geared up everyday, got some photos taken and make a daily post about it. Obviously, I only got a chance to go beyond my will power to dress up during my off days.

Working days are just too lame and monotonous, therefore I don't think that I'm gonna put my best effort to dress up to the office. Well yeah, if I did dressed up on my working day, I would be forgetting about taking the pictures and only remember about it at the end of the day. At that time, I already look like a half donkey. I blamed on the work load that cursed me into a half donkey :p Plus, my photographer is not available for me all the time. Nevertheless, thank you so much Love, without any fuss, you always tried your very best to satisfy me with the photos. 

Seeing all the pictures on my previous entries, I think that I might need a new advance lens for my DSLR. I don't know, but I still think that there is an absence on all of the pictures. I want something more. Maybe a good advanced lens can give a very good picture. Remember, a good picture really can tell a story without having us to narrate about it. So, I'm gonna get one good lens for my camera soon, InsyaAllah. Till then, Happy Sunday, Lovelies! 

Bought this Tangerine top months ago, but only got to wear it today.

Birdie, the freakish ring.

It's a happy thing when you received a surprise gift from him of a thing that you been aiming or wanting the most. Thanks, Love. xx


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