23 December 2012

A Spike Shoes and A Torn Heart

Long hiatus I guess. Now, I am all here again. Life and work are getting real hectic these days. I gotta say that I got numbers of style shots to update, and I have a thought to share. Sometimes, I just don't understand how can some people be so cold hearted, un-emotion and dry? How can a good friend of yours changed to be a stranger to you? How can some people refuse to forgive and forget? How can a tiny little issue breaks a true relationship? How can some people be so ignorant? I just don't get it. But I always believe that a good deed will always be a good deed. And yes, when we do one good deed, the scale is tipped to the good. It doesn't cost you money to be nice to people. Smile, be nice and be warm to others. Have a good weekend, all :)


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