23 December 2012

Merah Cinta Hati

Did I tell you that I was swamped with loads of work? Being too occupied till I have to leave my blog abandoned for more than a month. Office work, house chores, freelance assignments, these were the things that always kept me running here and there. But, work can be fun if you really enjoy it. And yes, I feel happy even though I was busy. The urge of doing things is so huge till I can set myself on a full throttle mode just to get things done in a right way. And there was this project that involved me, do you guys still remember Merah Cinta Hati? Recently, Merah Cinta Hati has launched its latest custom made collection and I was one of the team member who helped Merah Cinta Hati on its first roll out. It was fun and full of excitement as this was my first attempt on doing roles as a model, stylist and editor. So far, I really love what I did! I was happy with the result, however, I couldn't give myself any extra marks since this was my first attempt on doing things like this. But I'm looking forward to do it again  in the future and come up with some fresh and bright ideas! InsyaAllah.

Speaking of Merah Cinta Hati, you can view their latest collection at their official Facebook Page and Fashion Valet. Follow them now on Facebook and stand a chance to win their latest collection worth RM300!


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