01 February 2012

Featured on NST

I shall say this is one of my personal accomplishment for this year of 2012. It is a good start for the year. And the best part is, because of my passion, I have made it to the press. Well yeah, it is so true when there is a saying tells that, no matter how small is your dream, when you do it with all your heart, you will get something that satisfy and make you happy at the end of the day. And yes, I am happy. Even though I was seen a bit un-done on the paper, but that's me. And it is well written there, effortless chic! Thanks to Zuhaila Sedek from NST!

I never thought that it is going to be this big! Flipping the newspaper, and my eyes were like popping out when I first saw this! Big, it is!

Yep, 2 covers. I am a happy girl! 



  1. Walawe! My future sis-in-law tu!! haha

  2. Oh wow!! Congrats on the future! That's a huge achievement for a fashion blogger!!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such lovely comment. Thought I'd drop by and do the same!

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