20 February 2012

The Party Plan

Hello there! How are you guys doing? I was busy preparing a mini birthday picnic for my boyfriend last week, I shall say super busy and hectic because I want it to be like the ones that we usually see on the internet. You know that kind of party where you have cute deco, fancy color, stuff like that... Maybe I was too ambitious to hold that kind of party for him, hence I wanted it to be not as perfect as what we see on the internet, but at least something like that. 

It started at the early last week where I did some research on the color concept, the venue, the props, the menu and all of the invitees. When it comes to picking up the color, I wanted it to be very vibrant and cheerful since the party will be held at Cyberjaya Lake Garden. I went to check on the venue, after being a bit selective, I've chose to hold the party at a small island, yes, it is just too cute where you can get an island inside a garden with a bridge connecting the island to its mainland. It's lovely! There's a spot where I could get a big tree with shady leaves, nice view, clean and the most important thing, there was a small shelter near by where we could easily run to it incase of raining (Yup, I was being a bit paranoid each time I thought of what would it be if it rained on the day? Gulpp.)

As for the props and the deco, most of them I DIY-ed. It's tiring when you have to DIY each one of the party props, but for me, as long as I am happy doing it, I am fine with it. Since most of the preparation including the menus I did it on my own, so I couldn't afford to have a large number of invitees. I guess, it is just perfect for me to hold it among close friends and family. While the menu was an easy and instant meal, I managed to get my hands juggling between preparing the food and the props. Alhamdulillah :)

With the help of my girlfriend, Miss Nena, I managed to get one thing done. The birthday cake! She knows how to bake and we decided to have cupcakes as the birthday cake instead of having the normal one. Thank you Nena! And with the help of my little sister, I was able to get everything in hands on the date itself. Thanks, lil sis!

I will be posting tons of pictures taken on the date. I have loads (I mean loads, people!) of pictures to filter since we had 3 SLRs, 2 iPads and 3 iPhones during the event. Can you guys imagine how many of them? Too many! So stay tune, Lovelies! :)

Site visit. The day when I checked on the venue. 

The island. It is cute, right?

Me and my Little Sister were busy running, hence we were starving for food. Here comes the Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah!

I did my own cupcakes stand. I saw one at IKEA costs me around RM59. Mine is less then RM10. Un-use plates and vase, epoxy adhesive and a simple finishing. Tadaaa!

My pompom garland. They are colorful enough for the party :)

A simple birthday frame for him :)

Pompom garland in white!

Photo props!

Party props

My paper windmill! My favourite one :)

And finally, the birthday gift!



  1. OMG this is so nice, you can totally use this for Nuffnang's 5th birthday entry contest. Waiting for you next sharing about the birthday celebration ^_^

  2. Reading through your posts... You're indeed one creative person, babe! :)
    Somehow inspires me to do more DIY things for parties.