16 April 2012

I'm In Love

A so call pre-wedding shots of me & Farhan. Gorgeously done by The Zuel Photography :) I repeat , GORGEOUSLY! :) My personal preferences in taking pictures are, the picture must be real. No super impose or what so ever. And it must be in a fine tone, good composition and natural lights. FYI, I hate speed-light / flash-light. I just don't go with pictures with a high tensed of tone & color. Natural & smooth is the best I guess :) 

A huge appreciation to The Zuel Photography for his passionate and beautiful works. I've been admiring his pictures from the start and from the start, his pretty works never fails to fascinate me. Kudos, Zuel!I really wish that I can put all of the pictures here, but I can't afford to put up each one of them. To pick the best pictures to be put up here is not an easy thing to do because I find every piece of the pictures is gorgeous. So, here are some of the shots taken in Kuala Selangor. For more pictures you can directly go to these links :)

I am highly in love with all of the pictures. A gazillion of thanks to you Zuel! :)



  1. They are indeed very unique and beautiful..im in love with your pre wed pictures...very!

  2. Tahniah, darling! bila wedding nye ni? lost the track huhu..sume gamba cantikkkkkkk sgt...! bear nampak kurus..=)