04 September 2012

Daily Dose

It's amazing how much good is happening around me recently. Even though it's not as a big hit as the 'Gangnam Style Video' (I don't really understand how that video got hit by millions of people around the world, but to me, people nowadays really take simple and silly thing seriously. Don't you think so?) but I really appreciate every tiny bit that happened to me now. Even it is such as small as a pea, I take that as a blessing from Him to me :) 

So in love with this Cranberry Cheese Bun from The Loaf. It is just so good where you can eat it like 5 buns in one shot! Hahaha :D

Got myself this cat-eye glasses from Uniqlo.

It's always been a good time with Chatime :)

I don't know why, but I will definitely be spending my money with these such unnecessary things every time I went to Daiso.

It's a good place to hang out and eat. TwentyOne Kitchen and Bar.

Opera Dark Chocolate Cake from TwentyOne Kitchen & Bar.

When it comes to cakes, I will definitely go for chocolate.. And cheese!

Challenged myself to cook different type of dishes. So far, my seafood aglio olio wins hubby's heart! Yay!

My DIY arm candies.

After went into a lot of considerations, me & hubs decided to move out from our apartment. This time we have decided to move in to a small and humble terrace house. Since this is an old house, there is a lot of thing for us to repair and improve. For now, we are in the midst of painting the whole house with our own selections of wall colours. Yes, as you can see, we did it all on our own. I just can't wait to see the results! Will be updating you guys with more photos on this!

I just wrote that I would appreciate every tiny thing that happened to me. But for this one, this is the biggest thing that happened to my life. Having him as my companion, playmate and even fight-mate, is the greatest thing that ever happened to me :)


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