20 September 2012

My Fashion Potion

Shopping tips. What I buy. Why I buy. Where I buy. I’ve always wanted to blog about these. While I am having my spare time now, I am more than happy to share some tips with every one of you.

1.     When it comes to shopping I don’t usually look out for brand or name. For me, the finds must be pleasing my eyes, colorful and pretty.

2.    Sometimes, when it comes to particular stuff like watches, bags and shoes, I prefer to go for some fine and quality ones.

3.     As for me, the most important shopping rule is, ‘Ukur baju di badan sendiri’. I am not talking about sizes here, what I wanted to highlight is, if you can’t afford to buy, so don’t buy. As simple as that. I was born and raised in a middle class family, (not a rich people obviously) where mom always reminds me to spend wisely. If you can only afford a RM500 handbag, why would you cry lusting for a RM5000 bag? Unless you are rich enough or perhaps you’ve saved some of your money to go for a RM5000 bag, then I really think, you should go and get one! Hahaha. Just be happy with what you have.

4.    Go to flea markets, bundle shops or even car boot sale! Here you sure will find loads and loads of vintage and quirky things. Things you will never find in malls like Pavilion or KLCC. You sure gonna love what you’ll discover.

5.     Choose colors and something bold to add up into your wardrobe. Forget things like ‘this color doesn’t really suit me’ or ‘Big patterns makes me look awful’ or ‘Do I look okay with this’. This kind of questions will definitely limit you to explore and be creative in wearing clothes. Trust me, don’t let these insecurities hammer you down J Be brave, be confident and be creative, peeps!

6.    Where usually I go for shopping? My answer is, everywhere! From the high street fashion, flea markets and even online stores. Yes, another option that you should look out for is online shopping sites. Sites like The Poplook, The 6th Sense, Zalora and Asos (OMG, I am sooo freaking love ASOS!) offer you with wide range of ideas in styling and fashioning. Don’t limit yourself from being extra good in hunting stuff, darlings!

7.    Don’t always follow trends. Yes, you may keep up with what is in nowadays but to follow the trends like a game rule is a big no for me. Set your own style and add some hot trends into your style. That’s my remedy.


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