14 October 2012

Artsy Wall

On the previous post, I've told you guys that me & hubs were moving to a new house. We have been staying at our new home for nearly a month and there are still a lot of un-packings, cleaning, clearing and decorating that need to be done. Talking about painting the house, up to this date, we (yes, me & hubs) have successfully painted the whole house, that includes living room, kitchen and the 3 rooms. Being too inspired by all the DIY sites on the internet.  I managed to create my own Wall of Fame. Errr, I don't really sure if it is suitable to be called Wall of Fame, perhaps Artsy Wall sounds better. Actually, when I first created it, it is meant to be the backdrop for my photographs session. Teehee :D So here it is.

The process. 

Ready to roll out! Spot the initials F and J ?It means Farhan & Jehan :D Love!


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