30 January 2013

Korea Travelog Part I

Annyeonghaseyo. I just came back from a lovely trip. A trip to Korea. It was absolutely great to spend 5 days there even though me and hubby were almost cancel the trip due to hubby's condition. Yes, Mr.Hubby is unwell actually, he had an accident 3 weeks before the trip. After went into a lot of consideration and even we had a positive response from the doctor about going for the trip, we finally made our decision to go. Two days before we leave, I was a bit bothered about hubby's condition, is he going to be fine there, is it okay to go even though the doctor already said Yes. Well, I was the one who witnessed everything that happened to him, from day one that he had an accident until 3 weeks after, right before we leave for Korea, those 3 weeks time was like a downcast for me. Seeing him in pain, living an unusual life while he's sick on the bed made me feel like it is okay not to go, as long as he recovers and heals faster. I just couldn't bear any awful thing that might happen to him again. Seriously.

Just to share with you guys, the injuries that he had are quite serious. He barely can walk with his left leg due to 80% tendon cut and 60% artery cut. For now and for the next 30 days, crutches will help him to walk and move around. That is why I was a bit frantic about going for the trip. Now we are back. Regardless of  having minor pain, swollen and discomfort due to walking and moving around a lot while we were in Korea, Alhamdulillah he was doing all  fine. Hubby is still hubby. Energetic, full of spirit and strong. I love you, Oppa. 

I guess it is enough of telling you guys all the melancholy stories. Now back to our Korea trip. As usual, I have tonnes of pictures to filter. But I guess I will be sharing the best pictures with you. This is only the first part of our travelog where we spent a night at Gangwon Land, land of the mountains in Korea and had a chance to experience the lovely moment in Nami Island. I will be posting more pictures soon. Till then, take care peeps!

The magical Nami Island

Some tips on travelling to Korea. If you plan to go there during winter, be prepared with a suitable winter gear because the weather is extremely cold especially on the month of January. The temperature dropped to -15C to -20C in January in places like Gangwon & Chuncheon. But to experience to lovely and romantic moment at Nami Island, I recommend you to travel to Korea during winter. On the photo, you can see that the surface of the water went all froze. Seriously, it was really damn cold.


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