04 February 2013

Korea Travelog Part III

Another day in Korea. Spent a day in Seoul City. Since the weather was very cold, it limited us from exploring much, we would walk faster and spent most of the time inside the buildings in other to keep ourselves warm and comfort.

Lunch at Kervan Restaurant which is located in Itaewon. Itaewon is a unique multi-cultural district of Seoul where you can find foreigners & ex-pats settled down and run their business here. Itaewon is also known for its abundance of restaurants offer a wide range of food which included the Halal ones. Here in Itaewon, also you can find The Seoul Central Mosque, somehow it defines that this area has established as a special region  catering towards those of the Islamic faith.

Doota Mall in Dongdaemun district, a popular area for shopping! Here you can find 3 - 4 malls located side by side (like Migliore Mall, Mesa Mall and Hello APM Mall) that offer varieties of clothing. I guess they are similar to Kenanga Shopping Mall and Sg Wang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, but the best part is they open for business 24 hours! Can you see how crazy Korean when it comes to shopping? 

Myeongdong night market

Normal scene in Korea. Local people enjoying street food.

The highlight of the day. My mission in Korea was finally accomplished! My all time favorite. I shut my eyes for other brands just because of you, super cool classy MCM. Woots!

Bulgogi, Korea's most popular beef dishes. Special cook with Ginseng at Ever Green Restaurant that owns by a local Korean lady who's married to a Muslim. 


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